Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Should Not Take All the Blame in Loss to Arizona

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost in a tough 3-2 contest Friday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Dodgers opened the scoring with a 2-run 3rd inning, and they were able to maintain a shutout until the 9th inning when closer Kenley Jansen immediately served up a single and a 2-run home run off the bat of Carson Kelly to blow the save, tie the game, and wipe away Walker Buehler’s 6 shutout innings.

Kelly, the Diamondbacks catcher knocked in the decisive RBI in the top of the 11th and the Dodgers fell 3-2 to Arizona (with some added fireworks after the final out).

The high-octane Dodgers offense finished an 11-inning game with just 2 hits. At one point, the Dodgers had 22 consecutive batters retired, until Joc Pederson drew a leadoff walk in the 11th inning. The Diamondbacks outhit the Dodgers 12-2. The suddenly cold offense should be blamed for the loss as well, especially at Dodger Stadium.

Here is a season breakdown of the Dodgers vs. opponents at Dodger Stadium:

Runs Hits HR RBI AVG
Dodgers 330 548 105 324 .267
Visitors 199 445 69 196 .213

As you can see from this chart, the Dodgers completely outplay their opponents at home, and their 46-16 record proves it further. But, at times, the offense has off games, and that’s normal. 2 hits and 22 consecutive batters retired qualifies as an off game.

Moreover, the terrible missed call by the umpires in the bottom of the 11th inning, where Archie Bradley hit his former teammate A.J. Pollock on the wrist, but it was ruled as a pop up off the nob of the bat, and an out recorded by Carson Kelly.

So to place the blame solely on Jansen is not right. This is a team game, and the blame should be placed fairly. The Dodgers bats struggled, Jansen struggled, and Urias struggled, which led to the Dodgers loss.

Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. The front office , Dave Robert’s, should let Jansen stay home and watch all of his blown saves.Then he may realize he is not a closer any longer and come in the game when they have a ten run lead.Our minds trick us all the time but in (reality) we cannot fool ourselves into believing we still have it, when we really don’t . They say don’t blame Kenley Jansen for the loss The Dodgers were ahead ! What is a closer supposed to do ?

  2. You have to be able to win 2-0 games in the playoffs. Sometimes you’ll only get 2 hits or whatever they got against good pitching. We don’t have a closer capable of closing 1-2 run games. Can’t win a championship like that

  3. Jansen is no longer effective. He needs to be sent to minors or let go. Reality is harsh sometimes. Sorry, hate to be writing this post, it has to be said.

  4. Remember when Joe Kelly started coming in only when we were several runs ahead. Well said about Kenley not having it any more. The Dodgers need to start auditions for closer soon. Kenley’s pride needs to be set aside. I keep hearing excuses for Kenley every two weeks. He was great but he needs to come in and start over and work his way back like Joe Kelly. Problem Jansen doesn’t appear to have very good stuff any more. Gonsolin and others to close perhaps. Maybe Kenley can turn it around.

  5. No question that the main issue was the lack of hitting. The Dodgers never seem to hit against Robbie Ray. The problem for Dodger fans was the game was a rehash of the 2019 World Series. No hits and a bullpen implosion. Any reminder of that is bound to be painful.

  6. I thought a closer’s role was to, you know, close out close games. If the offense provides a ton of runs, anyone can close it out. Fact is Jansen is simply no longer dependable in 1 or 2 run games. Period.

  7. Levon are you new to baseball? Or are you a complete homer without a clue?
    The Highly Paid Closer for a club gets the ball in the 9th inning with a 2 run lead only needing to get 3 outs. He blows the save and its not his fault?
    Wow!!! Get a clue….

    1. These are all shills. It’s the fans jobs to put the truth in the comment sections so the masses hold the team accountable

    2. Tmaxter, you are correct for sure on a closer being able to close out a game with a 1 or 2 run lead. I believe the score was 2 to 1 when KJ came in. I am only saying that it’s tough to win most games on just 2 hits, striking out 10+ times and going 0 for 22 during the game.at one point.

          1. I’m sorry but lately it’s been one mishap after another when he gets called in to pitch, it’s always the guys saving the day or they lose due to it .

  8. Also, any game a closer enters with a two run lead and blows is his fault. Would it be more his fault if he blew a 12-10 lead?

    1. Exactly. A slim lead is a slim lead and it needs to be closed out because there will be plenty in October some games they may be only able to get 2 runs on 2 hits and if you’re fortunate enough to have a lead with just that than you have to grab that win. They’re all huge in the playoffs

  9. NODH, as much as many would lay a big part of the blame on KJ, the offense was truly the culprit here. Had Dodgers been able to get more than 2 hits off a staff that is NOT on par with what they will see in the PS and had they not gone 0 for 22 in a stretch, at least then Kenley has a bit more breathing room but I get it that that these close games must be closed out.

    1. A two run lead with three outs to get should be enough for a good closer. Once you’re into the 9th with a lead, it doesn’t matter how many hits or runs you got. The closer’s job is to protect the lead. I see Chapman came in for NYY with a one run lead (1-0) and closed it out . That’s a closer’s job, not crying about the offense.

      1. Correct on the closer’s job, but as we know Jansen has not been able to do that consistently. And it’s why I suggested Dodgers score a few more for him before hand.

  10. Paul so the Dodgers need to be 3,4,5 runs ahead to win? It was 2-0 in the 9th. He started the inning. He had clear bases and needed 3 outs with a 2 run lead. IF that isn’t enough then the Dodgers are probably not getting to the WS let alone win it…
    Some days you are going to have to scratch some runs and win by 1 or 2. But apparently not the Dodgers. They need a 5 run lead I guess.
    Kelly is throwing well as is Baez. Several of the guys are coming around. I simply do not understand when an elite closer has more blown saves this year than the last two and an ERA over 3.5 how can you stick with in?
    Roberts is afraid of hurting Jansen’s oh so fragile ego. Not fair to the rest of the team or the fans.

    1. Tmaxter., I certainly agree there but you are also right I guess about Jansen needed more runs to get his save. And yes, if Jansen or another closer cannot get 3 outs to protect a 1 or 2 run lead, Dodgers won’t be in the WS We have other options to close as you point out but then again it’s probably Roberts getting his directions from upstairs to keep bringing in KJ in these save situations. IDK

  11. This we all know for sure…Yimi Garcia WILL NOT be on the PS roster. he was put in the proper situation in Sunday’s run away game to ‘mop up’ But I could have predicted yet another HR would be given up by him. It happens every time he steps on the mound.

  12. One other thing to consider… and that is Dodgers may not even get to that save situation too often with just having 2 hits and striking out in double digits because ya have to figure the better teams just might be able to surpass those 2 hit/2 run totals during the game.

  13. They lost by one run , the one made by the homer that Jensen gave away lately it’s either the guys saving the day from it or losing because of it

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