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Dodgers Dave Roberts Reacts to Kenley, Umpires & Archie Bradley

The Dodgers kicked off a weekend series against the Arizona Diamondbacks with a pitching duel between Walker Buehler and Robbie Ray.

Buehler has been stellar at home while Robbie Ray has been a Dodger-killer during his time with Arizona. The Dodgers struck first with a 2-run 3rd inning off the bats of AJ Pollock and Will Smith driving in Corey Seager and Tyler White to take a 2-0 lead for most of the game.

In the 9th, in comes Kenley Jansen, who proceeds to give up a bloop single to Nick Ahmed, who then stole second and set up the show down with Carson Kelly, who prior to tonight, was 1-2 with a home run against Jansen this season already.

Well, make it two home runs off Kenley, with the second one tying the game. Kelly then smashed a solo shot in the 11th off Julio Urias for the go-head and eventual game winner.

After the game, manager Dave Roberts gave his analysis of Kenley:

There was some drama in the bottom of the 11th as AJ Pollock looked to have been struck on the wrist with a Archie Bradley pitch, but the umpires ruled him out as the ball popped up and was caught by the catcher.

As Pollock was walking off the field and talking to the umpire for the alleged missed-call, Bradley pointed at the Dodgers Dugout and seemed to be jawing some instructions for him to hurry up.

Once Will Smith struck out to end the game, Bradley wasn’t done with his talking and both teams cleared the benches with the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw leading the way in a very calm fashion.

The surprise drama coming from Dave Roberts, chewing out a D-Backs staffer asking him (I’m paraphrasing here) what his role was on the team.

Tempers finally died down and here’s Archie Bradley talking about his role in the drama:

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  1. Here we go Andrew Friedman. Let’s keep track of How many saves Kenley Jansen blows from now to the end of the season. Felipe Vazquez would have been nice in that situation. The Astros or Yankees will feast on kenley in the World Series. Good job Andrew. You continue to make he fans

    1. The Dodgers have their closer, Kelly.
      After an erratic start he’s been lights out. That’s what a closer needs to be.
      Jansen will indeed be hammered in the post season if clueless Dave Roberts keeps sending him out there when the game is on the line.

      1. Jansen won’t have a chance to blow too many PS games because with this BP and last night’s Dodger ‘offense’ they won’t get out of the 1st round. IMHO. Kelly should be given the ball in that late inning situation but I have a feeling Roberts may be told otherwise by that guy upstairs, and we all know who I am talking about.

  2. Here we go Andrew Friedman. Let’s keep track of How many saves Kenley Jansen blows from now to the end of the season. Felipe Vazquez would have been nice in that situation. The Astros or Yankees will feast on kenley in the World Series. Good job Andrew. You continue to make he fans

    1. I want to lose in the first round and get it over with. Losing 3 World Series in a row would be an embarrassment to the franchise and fans. Let’s let another team see what it’s like to get mauled in the World Series

      1. NODH, you must have ESP or something because I have been thinking along those lines for a few weeks now. If Dodgers get eliminated in the 1st round, which is a REAL possibility we won’t need to worry about 3 WS losses in a row and especially on our home turf.

    2. The reluctance to give up top prospects such as Lux, May and Ruiz is the main reason Vasquez isnt a Dodger. Damed if you dont, damed if you do.

      1. Realize that even with Vasquez, Dodgers don’t stand much of a chance with the Yankees or Astros at this point, but wss. It would be very tough to see Dodgers lose yet another WS and then see Lux and May excel with another team next year

        1. Had the Dodgers won 1 of the last 2 WS I would agree with you, but they didnt so this was the year they should have gone all in. I disagree the Dodgers have the team to hang with the Yankees and Astros and I dont think it unrealistic to think that the Dodgers could find themselves clinging to 1 run leads in late innings in postseason games. It is in these situations that not trading top prospects for Vasquez that will haunt the Dodgers. Having held onto Lux and other top prospects will not console anyone when the Dodger BP blows postseason games.

    3. If the Dodgers had a bullpen they might be 30 games ahead by now. Friedman is going to let another season flounder. Josh Reddick, Brian Dozier, Yu Darvish and dud after dud has come and gone. I guess Friedman thinks he’s playing with his own money instead of money belonging to the second wealthiest team in baseball.

  3. Kenley should be the setup 7th or 8th inning guy for Joe Kelly to close out games in the 9th. A change is needed now and no egos should be involved. Team first or it will be another year without the ultimate prize a World Series championship.

    1. I somewhat agree.
      Maybe try Jansen in that role, and if he continues to blow it, then bench him,
      The fact is that Jansen simply looks weak & clumsy out there.
      His ninth inning was entirely predictable, pathetic, embarrassing.
      I just don’t understand all this trust in him when he repeatedly gets crushed.

      But then Dave Roberts is a poor manager, he makes bad decision after bad decision. The Dodgers have a great record in spite of him, not because of him.
      Roberts will more than likely be shown up in October, again.

      1. Jon, keep in mind that some of Robert’s decisions are ‘guided’ by Freidman, the puppet master upstairs. And as far as Kenley goes, he may opt out of his remaining deal to chase yet even more $$$ but if you are another team would you give him a bigger deal after what he has done this year?

  4. Until Kelly blows a save, then what? But hey the Dodgers still have one of baseball’s best farm systems so the future is bright (being sarcastic).

  5. That performance last nite by Kenley was humiliating, for Kenley………he needs a serious shot of self confidence now, he’s easy meat and in need of some serious repair. You cannot keep trotting him out there “Dave”, but I’ve been saying that for weeks now to no avail. Loyalty is nice, but it never was and still is not the answer…………send him to OKC and see if he can fix what ails him.down there. Have him work on holding runners close to the bases…..have him work on delivering his pitches to the plate faster……..have him work on restoring life to his flattening cutter…………but whatever you guys do, get him off the major league mound. You are killing him.

  6. Archie Bradley is a “douchebag”. Been watching his punkish behavior for a couple of years now. Since he continues to do it whenever he pitches, it’s obviously a character trait he has been honing for years.

    1. Exactly, bluz1st. And for tonight’s game if any Dbacks pitcher even thinks about hitting one of our players, that said pitcher should be tossed along with his ludicrous manager, so it might be a good idea to warn everyone before the game even starts.

      1. I would like for the Dodgers to retaliate for once when they’re clearly being thrown at, which if it occurs today would definitely be on purpose from AZ

  7. Last nite the Dbacks announcers strongly came on with the reason the Dodgers have a stellar winning record at home is not their talent…………according to them it’s because they (the Dodgers) are cheating their opponents by stealing their signs. Berthiume and Brenly have always been envious of the Dodgers and that is what fuels their feelings of inadequacy when comes to all thing Dodger. Let’s face it, their product has always been inferior to the Dodgers and it eats at them, I get it. But their comments on TV last nite, alluding that the Dodgers are cheating and that is why they have a good home record, this took it to another level.

    1. Bluz I agree Brenly is an incredible homer and whiner. The Dback announcing team is pitiful. They are constantly complaining about the strike zone and how unfair the Dbacks are treated. When the Dodger pitcher is also being squeezed they say nothing.
      Its very unprofessional and embarrassing.
      The Dodgers only managed two hits through 9 innings and they were stealing signs? Really?

      1. Tmaxter, that is why those Dbacks announcers ARE THE WORST PAIR OF BROADCASTERS IN THE HISTORY OF MLB!!! I will be honest here, but I would listen to the Giants announcers ANY day before I would settle for those 2 ……from Arizona.

    2. Most if the opposing announcers say stupid and hurtful things about the dodgers all homers! No Vin broadcasting neutrality

  8. All I can say about last night is “lets put it behind us and move on”. These things happen. Re Kenley Jansen, that is a different story. He is NOT the same KJ as in the past. Maybe its the medical issues, age, a combination of both. I cannot blame the Pirates for not dealing Vasquez; their GM wanted an exorbitant price. This from a 5th place team with no chances at the playoffs. I would explain the KJ that the role of closer is going to be a shared responsibility with Kelly, Baez, etc. KJ is a member of the TEAM. Go Blue!!!

    1. Exactly Jansen’s pitches are not breaking. The cutter is staying flat and his fastball is only 91-92 with little movement. Kenley’s cutter used to have late break. The break was enough to miss bats.Obviously not anymore.
      IF Roberts sees the ball has no life he should pull him immediately. But they should be checking his pitches out in the bull pen. That is what the BP coach is for. If Kenley doesn’t “have it” put somebody else in. Kenley is not more important than team wins. The Dodgers need the home field if they get to the WS. They have not had home field the last two WS appearances and how has that worked out?

    2. Right on, BLIE LOU! I believe we all have seen enough that some change of some sorts needs to be made before the playoffs begin. If not we will be done after the 1st round.

  9. As the writer noted, Robbie Ray always seems to flummox the Ds. Maybe we should trade for him just to get rid of that problem. As to Kenley, well, you get the impression (“his ball didn’t have any life to it.”) the Ds are finally understanding that “lights out” is dimming.

  10. Agree, closer should be shared at this point. KJ is not doing the job. Who ever is hot let them close. We should have gotten someone but, we didn’t! So you have to figure it out. I would give Kelley a shot. Houston will be tough to beat. They have it all!

  11. Joe Kelly and Tony Gonsolin need to be closing out games. Middle relief can be utilized with Sadler, Jansen (one inning only), Urias (one inning only), and Baez.
    Jansen’s cutter is not fooling batters anymore. He has like 2 pitches and there are six guys on that team with a better fastball than KJ.

  12. I have been a Dodger fan since 1949.My Mom was born in Brooklyn NY.I have been through some great times and bad times with the boys in blue but these last couple of years with this manager have been really tough.If he continues to use Jansen as his closer we are about to blow another great season in the playoffs.There has to be someone else that can be tried at that slot.I am getting my self geared up for another heart break at the end of this season.

  13. I’m not gonna say that it would not nice to have another arm in the bullpen, however that’s not what wins WS championships. What wins WS championships is timely, situational clutch hitting. Do you people even realize the depth that we have on this team with offense. Every guy that has been called up has contributed huge!! May and Tony G added to that rotation. The pen will work itself out. Winning a WS is about clutch hitting and Magic. We had one of the be
    Pens in baseball two years ago! What happened?? We got out hit period!!! We got out hit last year as well!! People can say what they want about Houston just because they got Grenkie. We own Grenkie and with May and Tony G we our rotation is just as good as there’s with more depth. We also have far more depth offensively!!! So shut up and stop worrying about Jansen!!

    1. Well Preston, correct about being out hit but the pitching staff against the Astros allowed 15 HR’s in 7 games, and yet Dodgers scored the same number of runs in those 7 games as the Astros did. Last year, it was the failed platooning that cost this team because Boston had a more consistent lineup to put out there. And in those 5 games against Boston our pitching served up 8 HR’s.

      1. Great post, AZUL!!!! It is accurate and I cannot dispute it. Now the question becomes, Can we overcome? Only time will tell. Interestingly, KJ pitched last night in a winning effort against the Snakes. Lets finish these guys off this afternoon. My best to PD Jr. Go Blue!!!

  14. Kenley is most importantly a TEAM PLAYER! He knows that a WS ring is what every DODGER wants. ADJUSTMENT is what is needed now and it is time for DOC to make that adjustment in switching roles for Kelley and Kenley!!!

  15. Jansen just doesn’t have it anymore time to change .while warming up if he doesn’t have it why send him in .

  16. I sure had a really bad feeling when Kenley came in to pitch and it got worse after that easy hit he gave up and then came up the homerun on a very flat cutter or whatever that was. It’s beyond me why the “manager” Roberts keeps doing the same DUMB move every time!!!! WAKE UP DAVE!!!!!

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t bring Jensen in with only a two or even a three-run lead. he is unpredictable. He’s blown saves like this and some close to losing some. This runner taking second base shouldn’t have been ordinarily, but everyone knows Jensen has a slow delivery so they cap on it. Urias has lost some finesse. And to top it off the bats weren’t there again and the other pitcher is talking of how great he is. I still remind players, basics are a good part of the game and the Dodgers are not doing it enough.

  18. It is easy to point fingers at Jansen because he doesn’t get enough work to stay sharp. Since the All Star break he has gone multiple days not pitching, which is usually not good for a closer. That being said the kids they didn’t trade, namely May and Gonsolin will be mainstays in the postseason which is better than anything they would have overpaid for at the deadline. Closing for Pittsburgh like Vasquez is a lot different than closing for the Dodgers. Anybody remember him with a different name with the Nats a few years back? Their bullpen has been a wreck for years. If the Dodgers win the WS this year it will be because of starting pitching, a consistent lineup and managing differently in the postseason as opposed to the regular season.

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