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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Speaks On Houston Astros Cheating Allegations

Already, a number of different individuals have weighed in on what will should happen to the Houston Astros in the wake of their sign-stealing scandal. For example, Yu Darvish talked about the effect the sign-stealing had on game seven of the 2017 World Series. However, not many Los Angeles Dodgers have spoken about what happened; or what should be the punishment ahead for Houston.

Until Tuesday that is.

Furthermore, Kenley Jansen held an event on Tuesday that Dodgers Nation is present for. Then, he was asked about the Houston scandal.

While asked if he feels cheated in any way, here’s what Jansen had to say.

“That’s baseball, man. They still gotta hit it. Teams try everything. Like I said, for this to be done and I said it a long time ago. It’s time for Major League Baseball to control that part of it. Put a blurry sign that no one is going to see. And if you find out that some teams cheated, give a big fine or someone gets banned forever.”

Obviously, it’s going to be tough to ban an entire organization of players, scouts, and executives forever. With that being said, major punishments are being discussed in ‘unprecedented’ nature for the Astros if the investigation by MLB finds them guilty.

Right now, baseball is in a fact finding mode. Equally important, Jansen is correct that something needs done to keep from a black-eye being put on the sport to tarnish the proud history in the future.

Finally – if Jansen feels this way – how many other Dodgers from the 2017 squad who fell just one game short also feel the same emotion? Certainly baseball must rule swift and correctly on this issue.

Therefore we ask you: what is the best punishment for the Astros? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Do a 1919 white sox and ban everyone involved but also fine and strip picks as well as the title

  2. Suspend team for year, ban manager and GM for life, lose draft picks and not able to pick up players via free agency for 2 years

  3. Hi Clint Evans and DodgersNation,

    I’m a fan who reads your site on a daily basis. As a lifelong Dodger fan, I appreciate your coverage. I recently posted a comment on another article of yours concerning regular misquotes in your articles. My intention isn’t to be rude but to be helpful and, as a reader (and therefore a supporter) of yours, I encourage you to be more diligent in your reporting. There are regular misquotes and misattributions in the vast majority of your articles, which technically opens you up to accusations of libel. Of course, I don’t think anyone’s gonna sue you for any of your reporting — I just think you should make a little bit more of an effort in the journalistic accuracy department.

    Kenley Jansen’s statement, clearly heard in the embedded video you provided: “Time for Major League to…control their part and, you know, put a [glaring] sign that fans [are] not gonna see that.” Jansen goes on to say, “If we found out that some teams cheated about that, then they gotta pay a big fine or something, someone’s gonna, you know, be banned forever or lose their job; they can’t be in this game.”

    Your article: “Time for baseball to do something about it….. a big fine or someone gets banned forever” – Kenley Jansen

    For sure, English isn’t Kenley’s first language, and most athletes don’t speak eloquently, and reporters oftentimes have to translate a quotation spoken in real time. But your article literally attributes words to Jansen that he never spoke. He’s clearly heard saying, “Time for Major League…” etc. You write, “Time for baseball…” etc. Sure, these mistakes are minor but they occur regularly and they’re abound in your articles. My reason for writing you isn’t to be a dick. I read your stuff; I appreciate your stuff. I just would like to continue reading and appreciating your stuff, and it gets difficult when each article is riddled with inaccuracies and just sloppy reporting. You seem like a nice guy! Try harder! Seriously, I’m on your side.

    1. Hi Doyersfan,

      In the case of the tweet, these things are being quickly typed in real time, so it can be difficult to perfectly transcribe each time. The tweet was an accompaniment to the full video that we posted. At the time, the video was still being processed, but as is the nature with this news, we gotta get it out as quickly and accurately as we can in the moment.

      Appreciate the feedback and support!

      1. Do nothing except set up extreme rules from this date forward as probably other teams have done some stealing. Be tough starting w 2020 & move forward to see who goes to the World Series 2020 honestly!

    2. Doyersfan: You criticize someone else’s writing ability with atrocious writing of your own. For crying out loud, can you and other keyboard warriors stop using the word “literally” when it’s not needed. It doesn’t make you look smarter. As for the elocution of Kenley Jansen and other professional athletes, they are among the best in the world at their chosen profession. How do you stack up in comparison?

  4. Astros World Series Title must be vacated. Heavy Owner fines, and all the players who are known to have participated in cheating should be banned for life…

    1. Really? That’s like getting Miss Bikini USA after she’s been around a room of about 50 guys and they all had a turn. “Here you can have her back now.” You want that?

  5. Manager – suspended for 1 year & fined
    Players & coaches – anyone who made a Major League appearance for the Astros in 2017 and who is still in the MLB (player, coach or manager) should be suspended for 15 games and fined (including Cora & Beltran)
    Team – lose 1st & 2nd draft picks for 3 years and fined.
    Routine random searches by MLB of stadium during home games.
    They will retain their World Series title.
    Public apology and acknowledgement from the team to all MLB teams and fans, especially the teams defeated by the Astros during the postseason.

    I’m a big Dodgers fan & this is what I think is a fair and just punishment. Stripping them of the WS title and any awards won in 2017 just doesn’t make sense. These punishments seem just and will send a message to other MLB teams that this will not be tolerated.

    1. This does nothing to punish them now. They will still be able to compete for another World Series in 2020. In fact, this does nothing to discourage them from cheating in 2020. They would just have to be even more clandestine. So they lose some draft picks and some players for a few games. Big deal. Losing AJ Hinch might affect them. Then again, it might now. Unless the title is vacated, someone is banned for life, and they are hit with heavy financial penalties AND loss of draft picks, this will continue until the punishment becomes harsh enough to discourage teams from ever attempting this again.

    2. Are you serious ? ? Of course, the Commissioner of Baseball should VACATE all of their titles in 2017: Division, League and World Series Championship — and probably for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, as well. This is the very first thing that Major League Baseball should do !!!

  6. Claim the 2017 World Series Trophy since the Los Angeles Dodgers actually deserve and won game 7 not cheating if the evidence shows that the Houston Astros cheated.

  7. Loose all free agents signed (unless they choose to stay). 5 year band on signing free agents. 5 years no draft picks. No rule 5 picks for 5 years. And 10 year band on free agents from other countries. 8 million dollar fine.

  8. Nothing will be done. I. Bleeding Blue since 78. There will be some minor scapegoat. Just like the steroid era. Minor stuff. There will be “inconclusive” evidence…etc. We will win ours soon. And right. Dodger blue fights on. Done with this “scandal”

  9. 2017 World Series Trophy should be stripped from Hoiston Astros and penalize the involved players. MLB should have stiffer rules for sign stealing

  10. Strip all titles from 2017 to present. Life time ban for general manager, head coach, and any other coaches and staff deemed involved. Big monetary fines, loss of international draft pool money, and loss of all draft picks for a minimum of three years.

  11. Get over it. Sign stealing has been a part of baseball from the start. Hide your signs better. Use an indicator sign, do anything to protect your signals. But just get over the fact that the opposing team is stealing your signs. Don’t allow for telescopes and wireless coms. Runner at 2nd? Sees the sign? Relays to batter? Your bad. Do a better job.

    1. Educate yourself before looking like an idiot. This whole issue is not about traditional sign stealing.

  12. Suspend the Astros for 1 year, ban manager and GM for life, lose draft picks and not able to pick up players via free agency for 2 years

  13. Void title and awards. Big fine. Lose draft picks and international money. Ban all directly involved from FO to players. Use of technology is expressly prohibited.

  14. Void WS & other titles & rewards. Invoke heavy team & Executive fines, no drafts for 3-5 years minimum which includes free agency as well. If coaching staff is caught a 2nd time, than they will be banned as well as fined & players won’t be eligible for Hall of Fame. Players should be fined as well.

    Cheating is cheating. It lowers expectations as well as the bar for professional players & the respect for the game. MLB should want to stop the disrespect & lowering of professional expections for cheating in order to clean up the game as well as keep fans watching baseball. If fans aren’t happy with how this is handled, they won’t watch baseball.

  15. They should not be allowed to participate in post season play for 2 years. Let them feel that everyday they come to practice and play in 2020 means nothing. Any free agent, no matter how good they are, value will come down from this, I am sure. Inflated stats here. (Be smart Dodgers.) Hoping Comish does what is right for baseball.

  16. Strip Championship. No 1st or 2nd round picks for 5 years. Ban from postseason for 5 years, lower their cap space to acquire/sign free agents 5 years including their own, no international free agents for 5 years. Fire all executives involved and ban them from baseball for life. $10 million dollar fine.

  17. MLB should provide a full refund to people who spent their hard-earned money on 2017 World Series tickets. MLB could then charge the full cost of that refund to Houston.

    I am biased because to 2017 because I spent a lot of money to be there-perhaps a more inclusive and fair suggestion would be to refund tickets for post season games 2017-2019 in which Houston played, then hang that debt the on Houston franchise.

    The MLB and Astros have made millions of dollars, if not billions, on games in which the Astros cheated. They should give that money back to the fans who were cheated.

    Also, in favor of stripping the Astros of the title, firing the manager, and banning post-season play for 2+ years.

  18. Why not band the whole organization forever …look at the black Sox…so why the hell not…I feel there is a major bias when it comes to LA teams. …now when the shoe is on the other foot the heads of ncaa, nba, mlb, don’t have a problem slamming their hammer on our city. It BS

    1. True look at how hard USC was punished compared to Ohio St or the Lakers having that Chris Paul trade nixed by the nba because I guess they were winning too many titles so they had to artificially end their dynasty

  19. For all home games, the Astros catcher must tell the visiting team’s batter when an off-speed pitch is going to be thrown.

  20. If MLB is going to strip the Astros of their 2017 World Series title, are they also going to strip them of their 2017 & 2019 American League Pennants? They beat the Yankees both times by stealing signals before they ever got into the Series. If the Dodgers are going to be retroactively recognized as the 2017 World Series champions, then the Yankees should be acknowledge as both the 2017 & 2019 American League Pennant winners too.

  21. The Title needs to be given to the Dodgers….all involved lifetime ban…the next 5 years the first draft pick given to the Dodgers

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