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Dodgers: Kershaw Had a Meeting With Rob Manfred About the Astros

Clayton Kershaw probably has the biggest gripe when it comes to the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal. The longtime Dodgers’ ace has already made a hall of fame career for himself, but the Astros took something from him. They took a World Series away from the twelve-year veteran, something that he may never get a shot at again. 

So it should come as no surprise that when Rob Manfred wanted to meet and do a check-in with the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw was one of those invited to the meeting. In an interview with ESPN’s Wright Thompson, Kershaw admitted that he did meet with the commissioner in the wake of the cheating scandal. Thompson writes more about it:

Manfred reached out to the Dodgers for a check-in, and, with an audience, Kershaw had a chance to air any pent-up anger about the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Perhaps no team has lost as much as the Dodgers, and perhaps no Dodger was damaged as much as Kershaw.

And that may be true, that no Dodgers player was hurt more by the scandal than Clayton Kershaw. Taking a look at game five of the World Series tells you all that you need to know. Kershaw may have a hall of fame career, but his postseason record might follow him forever. The Astros were, unfortunately, a part of that tarnished reputation and hung up seven earned runs on him during the 2017 World Series, with six coming in game five. 

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What was said in that meeting between the Dodgers and Rob Manfred may never come to light. But one thing that we do know is that the Dodgers are unhappy with the Astros, and likely unhappy with the punishments dished out by MLB. The Astros had a manager and general manager fired after being suspended, but not much more than that was done. 

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  1. The Astros can never be better than the Dodgers, until, such time, as a new generation replaces the cheaters.

    The Dodgers are the class act of baseball, an amazing group of professionals, from Jackie and Peewee to Clayton and Cody.+

  2. The Nats lit up Kershaw pretty well, too. Maybe he’s not what he used to be.

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