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Dodgers: LA’s Prospect Shares Insane Superstition

Many athletes have their special way of preparing for a game, and others have their superstitions. Many athletes have superstitions that they must do before their game to give themselves a sense of good luck. Some range from knocking on wood, having a lucky horseshoe, crossing your fingers, or throwing salt over your shoulder.

However, I’m sure you never heard of superstition like Dodgers outfielder James Outman. Outman sat down with DodgersNation’s Doug McKain and revealed his incredibly awesome and unique superstition that he does before each game.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have never heard of anyone doing anything like that.
Hey, if that helps Outman hit more dingers and bring wins to the Dodgers, keep it going.

Baseball players are known to have the most superstitions. Baseball is a game of some highs and a ton of lows, where one succeeds roughly 30% of the time at best, so it makes sense for baseball to have the most superstitions.

Athletes deal with a ton of stress and pressure, whether from fans, family, or pressure they apply to themselves, so superstitions are one way to help them deal with it. Not only that, but it builds confidence in themselves, which can result in their performance.

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