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Dodgers: Lebron James Dunks on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

The Astros and their cheating scandal have officially moved beyond the borders of Major League Baseball. Since the Dodgers were cheated out of their title in 2017, Los Angeles’ own Lebron James took to Twitter to sound off.

Sure, Lebron does not play baseball. But he is a professional athlete and he happens to play in a city that was cheated out of a championship. And if anyone knows how important a championship can be to a city, it’s Lebron James.

The Lakers’ star went on to go after the commissioner in how he has handled things.

Listen here baseball commissioner. Listen to your players speaking today about how disgusted, mad, hurt, broken, etc etc about this. Literally the ball is in your court(or should I say field) and you need to fix this for the sake of Sports!

The Dodgers have already individually begun offered their opinions a little bit at a time. Max Muncy sat down with Pedro Moura of The Athletic earlier this week, so it’s not surprising to see the city’s stars jumping in.

MLB All-Star Trevor Bauer quickly stood behind LeBron’s comments.

At the same time this came out, commissioner Manfred held a press conference in Arizona where he fielded questions surrounding the Astros scandal, and offered an apology for his disrespectful comments. More in the link below.

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  1. I’m standing at the plate. Somehow I hear a trash can banging in between the roar of the crowd and me trying to concentrate. I interpret the banging to be a fastball. Where is it going to be? Up and in? Down and away? I still have to hit it and I dont know if I’m going to square it up or foul it off or put in the seats behind the center field wall. Is knowing what is coming a guarantee of the outcome? Not sure I can answer that.

  2. Have you ever played? Of course it is an advantage to know if it’s going to be a fastball or off speed pitch. Don’t even go there! Just because you don’t know the location, just knowing the speed and movement is a big help. And yeah they might not get a hit every time they know what pitch is coming but if it helps them get more hits throughout the season, AND IN THE WORLD SERIES, then it gave them an unfair advantage.

  3. promise you, the system used was more than just fastball, change-up, slider, curve info. Just as with catcher signs, they surely had a location thump in there too.

  4. go LeBron! He’s right this has big ramifications. If more punitive punishment is not metered out, it’s no longer MLB its WWE.

    Ask even the worst golfer about how empty a feeling it is if you don’t police yourself…in golf at all levels they are required to call penalties on themselves, that’s maybe the most rewarding, character revealing rule in any sport. Interestingly the sport of curling is the same.

  5. Sounds like Lebron is pushing to be the Mob Boss… Just play basketball dude! Lakers need your leadership on the team, not trying to be controlling the MLB comissioner!!

    1. I figured there’d be one of you. Making a fair comment on the matter isn’t going to distract him from performing for the Lakers so you really have no point. Nothing he said was wrong and all it is is a comment

      1. I don’t think it’s fair at all. If players are upset that Astro players didn’t get punished they need to take it up with their union. The union demanded player immunity for cooperation and now they’re silently sitting there letting Manfred take the shellacking.

        1. Esxactly, Bum. Players need to immediately if not sooner go to their Union and demand that the Astros players be punished or disciplined in some manner and that the MLBPA will NOT file any grievance over such actions

      2. Lebron’s opinion is just as relevant as mine. The only point is he’s always spouting off regarding other topics than the NBA. He’s not bigger than the comissioner of baseball, just as he isn’t bigger than our President. He hinders right on the edge of fringe , makes comments about white owners in football, defends Lorenzo Balls loud mouth old man. Now tells Manfred what to do? I’m a big time Lakers fan, but not a fan of any athlete, Hollywood loud mouth, or any other celebrity that uses their status to push their own agenda. The agenda I would like to see is Lebron leaving the politics to the politicians, the decisions of the MLB and NFL to their leaders. Be nice to see Lebron truly show the class of Kobe and respect all of those leaders and keep it to himself. I personally lose respect for Lebron due to his politic. Don’t agree with him at all.

        1. Oh so you don’t agree so that means he should keep it to himself for your sake? Interesting thinking

          1. I’m not the only one Barry Sotero. He said his opinion, I said mine. I’ll also say if the queen had balls shed be King. When Lebron is done playing ball, I hope he continues his Liberal Agenda as it will be the first time he will experience Losing ,and the true meaning of the truth behind what causes the poverty for all of his Charity work….

        2. I thought this was America we have the freedom to express different viewpoints

          1. Barry Sotero nice one as if this has anything to do with liberals or politics at all. I guess I’m just some crazy liberal because I happen to agree with a statement made by Lebron. You seem to have some other issues here with him and in the political world in general completely unrelated to what he said regarding mlb which he is not wrong about. You should stick to what he’s actually saying about this topic instead of bringing politics here which I’ve seen you and that other nut do a few times. This is baseball

      3. If the Chinese government was in charge of baseball, would LeBron have criticized them?

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