Dodgers Lose, But We Had A Blast!

My beautiful wife, 13-year-old step-son, and 16-month-old daughter headed off to the game last night. We knew it was going to be tough when little one missed her morning nap, but nothing a little music and soft blanket can’t take care of on the drive down.

We arrive to the stadium at 6:00 p.m. and head to our seats over by the Dodgers bullpen (Section 53 to be exact). The Brewers are finishing batting practice and Cameron (my step-son) shouts out for a ball that Taylor Green is fielding. Ignored many times over the voice of heckling fans, Green finally acknowledges us and tosses a ball to the seats. Cameron was stoked!

As the Brewers finish up, the Dodgers bullpen players start interacting with the fans. We shout out to Javy Guerra to see if he would sign the ball we just caught and he does so with a smile on his face, giving Cameron an even bigger smile.

Now, we head off to get some garlic fries and a pretzel to satisfy Kaylee’s (daughter) taste for anything other than her pacifier and just soak in the stadium for a while before the game.

By the 3rd inning the Dodgers have started to fall behind and Kaylee was getting restless. Fans could relate. We heard one fan shout out from left field area, “Hey Brewers! Bring out Braun, we’re getting bored!” Clearly they had fun with Ryan Braun in left field the past few nights.

Luckily for us, Kaylee decided to take a nap and we were able to enjoy the rest of the game. Cameron saw Josh Lindblom in the bullpen getting loose and asks for him to sign his ball. Lindblom replies, “After the game.” I see my wife’s face as if there goes our chance to try and beat traffic. I quickly ensure her that only 25,000 showed up tonight and by the 8th inning half the crowd will be gone.

We stood, and enjoyed the rest of the game chatting with Dodger and Brewer fans, and got to watch Todd Coffey sprint to the mount. At the end of the game the sweep was tough to swallow, but Josh kept to his word and gladly signed Cameron’s ball, sending us home with a happy family and fun filled night!


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  1. Same here, I had a blast. Sat in the LF pavilion for the first time in 7 or 8 years. I was surrounded with other season ticket friends there. Javy & Josh are nice with the fans. Ihope team starts another winning streak. Great pics and post.

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