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Dodgers: Madison Bumgarner Bought a Giants Player Tickets to Root Against LA

Just how deep does the rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants run? Apparently, it’s so deep that even when you move onto a new team within the division, you have to keep up that same hate for them. 

That would be the case for Madison Bumgarner, depending on how you read this. The former Giants star apparently bought tickets for Brandon Crawford’s family to go out and root against the Dodgers this weekend. 

Crawford’s wife posted about going to the Dodgers versus DBacks series and thanking Bumgarner for the tickets. The Giants were obviously hoping to get a few losses out of the series for Los Angeles. 

You can take this one of 2 ways: either MadBum was doing his longtime teammate a favor, or the rivalry runs deep. We choose to believe that there is so much bad blood between the Giants and Dodgers that it carries over. 

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Bumgarner was a part of some of the most intense years of bitterness between the Dodgers and Giants. So much so that when he departed in free agency, it felt like some of the spark had gone out of the rivalry. 

Glad to see he’s still doing his part to keep it going. 

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