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Dodgers: Magic Johnson Signs Autographs for Stadium Employees

The Dodgers’ off-season has been fairly quiet, but Dodgers’ minority owner and Lakers legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson spent the day with Chavez Ravine employees on Monday.

Magic Johnson is best characterized by his signature smile and his love for the city of Los Angeles. There is arguably no more recognizable figure in present-day Los Angeles sports. Johnson came aboard with the Guggenheim Baseball ownership group as a minority owner and has been seen at many Dodger games since helping to purchase the team.

Many people were touched by Johnson’s display. For veteran employees like senior producer Erick Vazquez, social media queen Sue Joe, and the Dodger Insider Rowan Kavner, this wasn’t their first rodeo, but for some

Johnson spending the day with Dodger Stadium employees is simply typical Magic.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Magic, thank you for bringing Lebron to the Lakers! Wish you would talk to your greedy partners about going all in to win for the Dodgers!

  2. Instead of signing autographs and patting yourself on the back for doing it, how about signing some players who might enhance the Dodgers chances of not getting run out of the playoffs?

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