Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts Spends Off Day At Cape Cod League

Prior to the start of the second half, Dave Roberts uses his off day as an opportunity to watch some baseball. The Cape Cod League plays host to 10 different teams compiled with some of the best college baseball players in the country. The Cape Cod is located on the south east coast of Massachusetts, just over an hour and a half away from Boston.

Cape Cod League broadcasting intern Katie Florio was given the chance to catch up with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

Roberts was asked what brought him to the Chatham on Thursday Night:

We open up with the Red Sox to start the second half so we’ve got two days and I’ve never been to the Cape… my son actually wanted to watch a baseball game.

Katie Florio describes it best saying the Cape Cod League is known as “the premier summer league”. Dave Roberts explains what the Cape Code means for the game of baseball.

A lot of major league players present and past that had substantial careers that went to college, they played here… but a lot of my teammates and guys that I coach right now have.

It sounds like Dave Roberts enjoyed his 70 mile trip down to the Cape Cod to take in a night of great baseball. Who knows, there could even be some future Dodgers in the Cape Cod right now.

Tyler Hawk

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