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Dodgers’ Manager: Injuries To Infield Hurting Chemistry

The injuries have been there among the infield players since before the season began. It started with Justin Turner’s microfracture surgery, and has since bled over to random calamities to Howie Kendrick, Corey Seager, Kike Hernandez, and Adrian Gonzalez. The Dodgers’ infield is hurting, and it’s affecting chemistry.

For all of the talk within the organization about the increased depth and how much it’ll help the team, there’s not much depth remaining among healthy players. The players who will be counted on have been mostly banged up so far. And the most worrisome of the bunch is shortstop Corey Seager.

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From Andy McCullough, contact reporter at the Los Angeles Times:

“It sets him back in the sense of the chemistry working with the other middle infielders and being out there, having his legs under him for a couple weeks,” Manager Dave Roberts said. “But priority No. 1 is to get him back healthy, get his knee strong.”

The definite thing here is that Seager being unable to be out there affects the team’s chemistry as far as the infield is concerned. There’s a certain component that applies here, and whatever you think of chemistry, it does play a major role in baseball when it comes to the middle infield.

Turning double plays is an art form, one that is honed over tedious hours of work together between shortstop and second baseman. As of right now, neither guy is really there all that much. Howie Kendrick has dealt with his own ailments, and that’s left a hole there. Same thing with Seager at shortstop.

Right now, the Dodgers have plenty of players ready to take over at various positions all across the infield, but none of them are particularly healthy at this juncture. That’ll need to change, and change fast, if the Dodgers plan on contending this season. Injuries like this cannot be a common occurrence.

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