Dodgers: Matt Beaty’s Wife Jesica Shares Behind the Scenes of Trade Rumors

One of our favorite people to interact with here at Dodgers Nation is Jesica Beaty. Of course, Jes is the wife of second-year player Matt Beaty. One great quality Jesica shares with folks from time to time is her storytelling.

Obviously, being the wife of a big leaguer not only comes with countless insider information, but it also comes with another perspective of the baseball lifestyle… the real-life perspective.

Over on her blog dreamsnseams.com, Beaty shares behind the scenes stories and recollections of the other side of trade rumors. 

While MLB insiders, experts, and pundits all work their #sources for details of unconfirmed rumors and share them to the internet, players and those close to them also catch wind of the news — information that the organization might not have even contacted them about yet.

This came to a head on Friday afternoon as Tony Clark, Executive Director of the MLB Players Union issued a statement saying that leaving the players involved in limbo is “unfair.”

And he’s right.

While baseball is a business, the human element of “what is happening?” as Jesica tweeted is often ignored. The Beaty lady explored that human element over on her blog.

We have known guys who have found out they are being traded through Twitter and then get the phone call a few minutes or hours later… could you imagine… what other job does that happen in?!

While understandably Jesica focuses on Matt and their shared experiences along with how any moves may affect his spot on the active roster in 2020, she also shares some interesting stories from friends in the game of baseball.

Some of our friends told us they were in the car and they got a call and got a little nervous because could have been about the trade but it just ended up being a family member asking about the trade.

In an even more “human element” of the post, the simple logistics of living is a fascinating read indeed.

All I could think about was we’re going to get nice and settled in AZ and we’re going to get the call that Matt’s been traded to the Red Sox. Then we would have to figure out Florida housing, make that move, and just on and on and on of these things going through my mind of what I would have to do within days because ya know report dates are next week.

The full read is absolutely interesting and worth your time. But we thank Jesica for giving fans a small glimpse into the life of a baseball family.

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  1. Neither team announced the trade, it’s the media who got “leaked” info and posted it. So it’s not the teams fault the media found out and it’s dragging on. It’s so hard in today’s times to keep things under wrap before trades are completed. They should be upset at the media who posted the trade info.

    1. I wonder who leaked it though? Could it have been leaked in a clumsy attempt to expedite the trade? The media is just doing it’s job.

  2. The media doesn’t magically find out about trades. The dodgers are one of the tightest in not leaking info. But you have two other teams in the trade and a rookie GM in Boston that obviously can’t read a scouting report on the player he was trading for. Now he’s holding the whole trade up because he wanted to ensure he was making a good trade, but know he knows he got way too little with a projected relief pitcher. It’s bad faith, but what can you do.

  3. Jason makes a lot of sense. It is sad that not only in the Political arena but also the sports world we need to live with leaks. As a retired counterintelligence special agent much time can be spent looking for keakefs. When you uncover one he/she ought to be put away forever. They sow distrust, ruin lives destroy careers, all for personal aggrandizement of the sick ones who look only to curry favor perhaps for ( illegal ) money and for writers, reporters who want to enhance careers by grabbing the byline headline. Fie on both

    1. Liar. Everyone around here claims to be something like ex minor leaguers or coaches or special agents. I don’t buy it. I’m a proctologist now that’s believable

  4. @Alex: And how does the media get these leaks? Someone within the Dodger or Sox organizations must have leaked it. Teams say they don’t want the media to announce these trades before they’re finalized, but ultimately they’re the ones responsible for the leaks.

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