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Dodgers: Max Muncy and Madison Bumgarner Have Words After Splash Shot

It’s certain, good rivalries are filled with the kind of thing that happened on Sunday in San Francisco.

Therefore, let’s set the mood. It’s the first inning and Max Muncy is facing off against Madison Bumgarner. You may have heard what happened next.

Indeed – the ball landed in McCovey Cove – and the Dodgers won the game 1-0 to take the series against their rivals. Then, the legend of Max Muncy as a Dodger grew once again. Keep in mind, this man once had a mural dedicated to him!

So what did Muncy and Bumgarner have words about?

Just a little good old fashioned rivalry. Of course, Bumgarner didn’t have a lot to smile about in regards to the relative dust-up.

Sure, one can say that Dodgers fans would be upset if the shoe was on the other foot. However, that’s not the case; and this is fun to be on the winning side. Bumgarner has acted like well; Bumgarner for years. Let’s face it – it’s run stale a bit. I don’t know too many fans from any fan base who love him for his manner. If the job is to entertain a little bit, good for Muncy for having some fun.

Furthermore, this is the type of thing that makes a rivalry great. No one got hurt, no one got beaned, the benches weren’t cleared.

Everything was settled between the white lines in a one-run total ballgame. And that’s the way it should be. Props to both players for letting it play out that way – and for letting some emotion show. Clearly, we want more of this in baseball.

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  1. Really? Madison Bumgarner needs to suck it up and stop making a frustrated spectacle out of himself. (My all time favorite display of Bumgarner’s inability to deal with Dodgers’ players who get the best of him remains “Don’t look at me.”) If Bumgarner could not stand the fact that Muncy homered off of him in the first inning AND the ball landed in the “cove” (adding insult to injury), perhaps Bumgarner should have simply looked away. Instead, Bumgarner’s behavior can be likened to that of an ineffective playground bully. I loved Max Muncy’s reaction, absolutely priceless.

  2. That was great! Max is being a great guy to have on the team. We need to have that kind of reaction. Intimidation is something that needs to be withstood. It pumps up the rest of the team and brings madbum ( or whoever) down to earth.

  3. Still yet, Bum has continued behavioral issues big time. I could not believe what I was seeing and even Russo on “High Heat” who is a Giant fan has had completely enough of his tired act. Now if Bum hits Muncy or anyone next week when the Giants come to DS next week , he not only should be kicked out of the game, but fined as well!

  4. “Shades of 2017″………..Ouch!………Dodgers now have a double digit lead in the West standings on EVERY single team!

  5. Baumgarner, the BULLY of MLB, needs to learn sportsmanship. You’re playing in the pros after all! You should watch the little league games where you can probably learn some lessons on sportsmanship!!

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