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Max Muncy’s Dodgers Legend Grows With A Mural

Los Angeles is a magical city. A city where anything is possible. Things become things. And one of those things is the legend of Max Muncy growing like it is a fated organism in a splendid petri dish.

Certainly, Muncy’s 2018 season and some of the fateful moments are responsible for what’s taking place at the current time. Furthermore, there’s an actual Max Muncy mural starting to….. form in the inner bowels of the city.

Our friend Rich Hill’s Blister tweeted some pictures of the marvel structure. Additionally, what began as simple graffiti paying tribute to the growing legend got an added touch over the weekend.

This is beautiful. Nonetheless, I think this could be magical; just like the early Dodgers career of Maxwell Steven Muncy. I doubt he knows of this yet – but we need to keep this thing going.

There are some talented artists who have painted beautiful things throughout the city paying tribute to the great athletes and figures of the past and present. Why not some real Max Muncy artwork being painted in beautiful shades of blue on this wall? Muncy is deserving of such.

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It really all goes back to this:

It wasn’t long after that – or perhaps before it – that I tweeted that Max would never pay for a drink in this town again. His money is no longer acceptable tender in Tinseltown. And my words are holding to be true.

By the same token, greatness awaits Max Muncy as a Dodger. I can just feel it. In fact, I stake my already poor reputation to it. When I make the trek to Los Angeles later in the summer once more, this structure better be not only still erected but a glowing landmark.

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  1. Aww, nice Yes, he da man! That Funky Muncy is a great theme for such Tinsel Town artistry. I hope he never forgets his biggest Fan Promoters and Defenders of 2018…Clint Evans (@diamondhoggers), and me (pacificrk)…Muncy Fan #1.a (second only to his beautiful new Bride), for starters. May he always remember his big time “Agent” up here in Oregon (or at least learn that I exist…lol). 🙂 Long live the #Munce!

  2. Muncy deserves some color……..find the guys who paint the over passes at night and ask them do it.

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