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Dodgers: Max Muncy Confident in Gavin Lux’s Ability as a Shortstop

With Trea Turner now out in Philly, the Dodgers have the option to utilize Gavin Lux at the shortstop position. The acquisition of Miguel Rojas made the competition at shortstop much more intriguing. And, of course, veteran Chris Taylor has gone on record a few times this winter saying that shortstop really is his preferred position. But, it appears more than likely that the runway is set for Gavin to step into the role.

Some in the clubhouse, like infielder Max Muncy, believe that Lux can perform well as a replacement for Turner. He shared his thoughts on an episode with Dodgers Nation:

“Luxy’s got the talent, man. The talent’s there. He’s got some of the quickest hands I’ve ever seen with a bat. They’re just so fast. And the defensive hands are there, for sure, too. I think he’ll be fine moving into that role.”

Lux was drafted as a shortstop in 2016 and spent the majority of his time in the minor leagues playing short. So he is certainly comfortable with the position. But, with star shortstops entrenched in LA over the last few years, the Dodgers have not been able to utilize him to his fullest extent. 

He’s spent 59% of his total career plate appearances as a second baseman, with 23% at shortstop, 13% in left field, and the rest between CF, RF, 3B, DH, and PH. 

As the team uses its internal options, the 25-year-old can prove to be usual for the team in pivoting back to a position that he is most comfortable playing. Miguel Rojas will see some time at short this spring for sure — after all, he is an elite major league shortstop — but it’s Gavin’s job to lose at this point.

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