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Dodgers: Max Muncy Hints at Player Frustrations With the New Batter’s Eye

The Dodgers don’t get to show off their $100 million stadium renovations this year, but players do get to enjoy them. But from what it sounds like, one renovation isn’t going over so well with hitters.

Max Muncy made his first appearance with media today and showed up with his ring finger wrapped up. The Dodgers’ first baseman took a ball off of his finger during an intrasquad game and has not been able to pick up a bat since. When asked whether or not the new batter’s eye in centerfield played into that, Muncy was hesitant to answer.

I don’t know if I’ll comment too much on that, but it’s just something that we’ll have to get used to. It’s different than what we’ve had here, and it’s just something we’ll get used to. I will say pitchers are pretty happy about the batter’s eye out there. But other than that, yeah it’s just something that we have to get used to. 

Muncy talked about his finger being hit and not being able to pick up the ball right away out of the pitcher’s hand. That prompted the question to be asked about if he felt the batter’s eye was a big adjustment. From what it sounds like, Dodgers’ hitters are not a fan of it quite yet. Manager Dave Roberts also spoke about it on Wednesday. 

You want fair play, so I think this is something that our guys are really open to as far as hearing or listening to the players and trying to figure out what gives them the best chance to see the baseball. What you don’t want is a player not to be able to see to now him in harm’s way.

From what it sounds like, it could be something that the Dodgers look into adjusting. The one benefit is that the team gets a few weeks to get adjusted to it, while visiting teams won’t have any experience with it at all. Every cloud has a silver lining. 

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  1. If anyone thinks Guggenheim will do anything about it think again. Getting used to it is the only option

  2. I had wondered about that when I first saw it. It looked rather narrow to me. But it’s still probably better than back in the olden days.

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