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Dodgers: Max Muncy Hoping IL Trip Pays Off For Him

It’s no secret across the league that Max Muncy was struggling. After his crazy rise to baseball superstardom came from almost out of nowhere with the Dodgers, an elbow injury seems to have thrown things off this year. Of course, he would never admit to the elbow being the issue with his numbers. 

But there is no denying the facts. Since the injury, Muncy’s power and ability to drive the ball have dipped tremendously. The Dodgers know this, and they also know that his elbow has been giving him problems lately. That led to the injured list designation for him this week. 

But for Muncy, he’s looking at this as a chance to get right. The Dodgers infielder thinks that getting the time off could be good for him and that the injured list could force him to give his body the rest it needs. (quotes via The OC Register)

“It’s one of those things where it’s ingrained in me that I need to be out there playing no matter what. I’ve been grinding through some things. … I just need to take a step back for a couple days and just reset and give my body a chance to heal up.”

Muncy absolutely needed some form of rest. Even if it wasn’t an injury, Dodgers fans know how much he has struggled lately. Posting a .591 OPS over the course of this season certainly isn’t going to earn him any starts. 

So maybe right now, the injured list is the best thing that could have happened for Muncy. Getting him healthy will be so important to the Dodgers this season, and they need every bit of his bat. So if he needs the time off, get him the time off. 

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