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Dodgers: Max Muncy Makes His Pitch for the Return of Albert Pujols

MLB legend Albert Pujols built great relationships with his Dodgers teammates in his six months in LA last year. In particular, Pujols really connected with fellow first baseman Max Muncy. Pujols is currently a free agent, but Muncy stumped for the idea of the Dodgers re-signing the 42-year-old veteran on an episode of AM570’s Dodger Talk with David Vassegh this week. 

“I definitely would not be opposed to have another season with him. He can still hit lefties really good and he still brings a lot to the clubhouse. He’s awesome to have around.”

Muncy knows how to check a stat sheet. In 2021, Pujols recorded a .939 OPS versus left-handed pitching. Pujols .953 OPS versus left-handed pitching as a Dodger ranked third on the team behind Trea Turner and Max Muncy himself.

Pujols can certainly contribute for the Dodgers as a platoon hitter. The likely implementation of the universal DH could also open up more playing time for the future Hall-of-Famer.

Muncy would also be happy to hear that there’s apparently at least one club that’s out of the running to sign Pujols.

Once the news broke that the Angels had released Pujols in May, Muncy revealed that he went straight to management to push for the real baseball team of Los Angeles to sign the veteran slugger.

“When he got released from the Angels, I remember I went straight to Doc and Andrew and said, ‘Hey, we need to bring this guy in’. He ended showing up and it was great. Me and him had a great relationship right from day one.”

To be clear, Muncy took zero credit for the Pujols signing, but more-so used the story as evidence for the reverence that Muncy has for Tío Albert.

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