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Dodgers: Max Muncy Reacts to Willson Contreras’ Cup Check

Every once in a while, you get to see something on a baseball field that makes you scratch your head and wonder what a player was thinking. That was the case with Willson Contreras this past weekend when the Dodgers were playing the Cubs. 

When a ball in the dirt skipped to his right, Contreras scrambled to get the ball. But in the process of doing that, he provided the world with an incredibly awkward moment. Contreras grabbed a very sensitive area of Dodgers infielder Max Muncy, who then had to be seen by trainers. 

Muncy was asked about that awkward moment this week by am570’s Dave Vassegh. And while he didn’t want to say much about it, Max very much had the same thought that everyone watching had, especially Dodgers fans. 

“He came over and asked if I was alright, but obviously I’m not in the right space of mind to answer that. So I told him to get away. I don’t know what he was doing. Replay shows one thing, but we’ll just leave it at that.”

It’s early, but that moment could potentially be the oddest play of the year. We’ll let you be the judge of it though Dodgers fans. What do you think he was trying to accomplish here? Was it dirty and/or intentional?

Drop into the comments section and let us know what you think. Because this one was just flat-out odd to see happen. Unfortuantely for both guys, it also happened to be on national television. 

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  1. I certainly don’t think Contraras was intentionally trying to make friends with Max, rather he was using Max’s leg as a fulcrum to make a tight turn to get after the real ball

  2. Just counting balls and strikes!!!??I couldn’t believe what I saw when it happened…I felt bad for Max but was rolling on the floor!!

  3. I think that Contreras, giving him the benefit of the doubt, what just grabbing on to keep his balance. No biggy.

  4. I believe Muncy was blocking him from getting to the ball so he grabbed him to go around him.

  5. I am sorry, but he did not hit you in the MAXY, You a damn cup on for a reason and he was seriously to the left of your MAXY. Cry less play more…..WOW

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