Dodgers: Max Muncy Unlikely to Participate in the Homerun Derby

The Dodgers will have at least 3 guys heading to the All-Star Game this month. That number could change as guys choose to sit out or are forced to based on health and turns in the rotation. Los Angeles could very well end up with an arm or 2 thrown into the mix. 

When the Dodgers first started to talk about the second phase of voting, Max Muncy hinted he would consider participating in the Homerun Derby. His only real requirement was that he would have to make the NL All-Star team first. But fans dreaming of watching Muncy lanch homeruns at Coors Field are going to be disappointed. 

Muncy told the media(via OC Register) on Monday that he probably would not be participating in the derby. The Dodgers’ first baseman will focus on his health and getting ready for the second half rather than hit a bunch of homers in Denver. 

It just doesn’t make sense to do it really. I need to be healthy going into the second half. It’s one of those things that puts a lot of stress on the body. Having done one before, it kind of puts you in the gutter for a couple of weeks after. It’s one of those things where it just doesn’t make sense this year. I need to get healthy.

Muncy just came back from an oblique injury that landed him on the 10-day injured list. He has also dealt with a sore ankle that limited for a few while leading up to the oblique injury. But he also leads the Dodgers with 18 homeruns. 

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But health is the main focus, and participating in a Homerun Derby certainly puts the oblique at risk. The Dodgers coaching and medical staff is probably delighted to hear that Muncy will sit this one out.  

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  1. I totally agree w/ Muncy and don’t risk re-injuring that oblique while doing the home-run derby. Reinjuring the oblique is serious and can put you out for a longer time. He ‘s just returned and getting his timing and stroke back, so he should decline the invite and help the Dodgers for the long stretch to the WS.

  2. That was the best umpiring I have ever seen. Right guys. You Know the home run derby is better that the all star game and it pays the winner one million dollars. I would like to see Muncy do it or try it. He knows how hard it is. Since you don’t need the money how about for charity’

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