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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Does Not Expect to See Trevor Bauer Back This Week

The Dodgers are probably going to be without a 5th starting pitcher for a while. With Trevor Bauer placed on administrative leave last week, it was expected that he would miss 2 turns in the rotation. That number could be going up. 

Speaking with the media on Monday afternoon, Roberts revealed that he did not expect Bauer to be back with the Dodgers this week. His 7 days of administrative leave allowed under the league’s policy with the Player’s Association are set to expire at the end of the week. 

The league could extend the leave, but that would also require the approval of the Player’s Association. It’s unclear at this time if the MLBPA would allow for that given their relative silence on the matter. The Dodgers do not have a say in how his leave is handled. 

The specific verbiage used in the policy indicates that there is good reason to believe that the leave would be extended to 14 days. But that still leaves questions as to what happens after those 14 days. The Dodgers pitcher has a hearing scheduled for July 24th, well outside of the 14-day window. 

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Regardless, Bauer will not be back with the Dodgers this week. His next turn in the rotation was expected to be on Friday in Los Angeles. They will instead pivot their bullpen game to Wednesday. Julio Urias will start on Thursday and Clayton Kershaw got bumped to the Friday start. 

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  1. What could easily happen is the 7 day administrative leave is not extended because MLBPA doesn’t agree. Then the Dodgers hold him out what ever the terminology might be. This way the Dodgers could come out looking like the proactive organization in a type of suspension. Right now 6 plus weeks of an investigation is starting to get lengthy for a decision by Pasadena PD to hand it over to the district attorney to make a decision. It seems the longer no decision by local authorities then the more it seems Trevor Bauer will be let off of any charges. I believe their is lots of conversation that had to have taken place between Bauer and this woman that we just don’t know.
    The authorities are trying to put it all together and some will be a she said but he said.

  2. Manfred is doing his best to prevent a back to back repeat championship for the Dodgers. He has already approved the theft of one world championship for the Dodgers in 2017. Now he’s going for two. Manfred has already tarnished the integrity baseball far more than Bauer ever could. Astros players were deemed innocent until proven guilty, and never punished in any way by Manfred. Bauer has been deemed guilty, without any investigative results, and is already being punished, until he can prove his innocence. Manfred is a menace to baseball and the human race.

    1. Yeah the woman is probably Manfred’s niece and he set the whole thing up to screw over the Dodgers!

      1. That’s why Manfred should be impeached!! He has shown to be the absolute worst commisioner in ANY sport ever! And basically for what Dodger 106W said in his post. And yeah, Manfred is a total disgrace to this game and the human race.

    2. Totally agree about the commish ! He didn’t have the stones to take the WS title, trophy, and rings from the cheating ass-tros. There should have been no WS winner that year but he let those cheaters get away with all that dishonestly ! I’ve been a Dodger fan since the days of Koufax, Drysdale, and Wills. I am really starting to lose interest in MLB. SMH.

  3. It looks like I’m one of the few that’s glad that Choke Hold Bauer is off the team.He’s cancer!

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