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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Evades Question About His Future in Blue

When the Dodgers went out and got Max Scherzer at the deadline this year, the assumption was that an extension might be following. After all, rumors had surfaced in the weeks leading up to the deadline that Scherzer would need an extension from any team to approve a trade. 

But that extension talk seems to have disappeared as the Dodgers head toward the end of the regular season. In the final month, there is no indication that any of those talks have taken place at all. 

Entering his 6th start with the Dodgers on Wednesday night, Scherzer has been lights out. He’s the guy that you want around for the next few years. But he asked about his future in Los Angeles by am570 this week, he seemed to duck the question a little bit. 

The best part is, I don’t have to answer that. There was an element that I could have used the trade deadline as an extension talk, but for me, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to make it like free agency at the deadline. I just wanted – If I was going to get traded – to go to another team and just try to win. 

To be fair, it would be very odd for a player of his caliber to show his hand and say that he wants to be back with the Dodgers. So while he hasn’t flat out said that he would like to return, that doesn’t make it any less true. 

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The Dodgers have a lot to figure out in their rotation headed into next year, and a lot rides on how the Trevor Bauer situation plays out. But they will also be missing Dustin May for a large chunk of the year and will likely bring back Clayton Kershaw on a new deal. 

Adding Scherzer into the mix for the next couple of years is probably the right move. But they won’t be the only team interested in signing him. 

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  1. The key is whether the league gives them a financial out by suspending Bauer. If it doesn’t, the Dodgers really aren’t going to be getting into a bidding war over Scherzer no matter how much they want him back. This fall, they absolutely need to bring back Taylor and probably Kershaw. Scherzer is right to wait and see what the market is. Every additional good start probably adds $10M to what he’ll eventually get. It’s already well over $75M on a three year contract. Every time he pitches 30 teams think “yeah, he’s still worth it.”

    1. Hmmm … as good as he is now he’s 37. If the Dodgers get out from under Bauer, they might try something like the 40M – 15M deal they had with Bauer on Scherzer.

    2. May well depend on how Roberts handles him and how he handles the team. Roberts is generally inept as a manager and the could play on whether Scherzer wants to play for him for an extended period of time. JMHO

      1. generally inept as a manager with the best record in all of baseball? with all the injuries? with only 3 starters for the last 2 months? SMH

        1. Joe, I appreciate your comments, but you will have a hard time convincing me that Roberts is the sole reason the Dodgers are where they are. Personally, I believe this team has won and is winning in spite of Roberts. I do believe he is one hell of a nice man and a player’s manager to a fault. I want nothing more than for the Dodgers to win and I believe they will because of their talent not because of Roberts.

          1. ‘Roberts is the sole reason the Dodgers are where they are’


            Talent, talent, and mooooorrrrreeee talent.

          2. Harry, my post was not clear. I agree with you.

            Roberts is ok, and does what that awesome front office tells him to do.

          3. Harry, you are so right on the money with your comments. Joe is a Roberts groupie.

          4. Harry, I agree with everything that you wrote regarding Dodgers success. I, too, believe that Roberts is ” one hell of a nice man”, but the team has been winning in spite of the fact that some of this “players’ manager’s” decision-making is truly perplexing. We have a talented group of players who seem to be clicking at the right time, the stretch. Let’s win this series against the Giants and keep it moving as the NL West Division leader… and beyond..Go Dodgers!

          5. Totally agree. Roberts managing has lost a lot more games than he has won. The only reason the Dodgers have had the good #’s is the payroll. Hate to see the #’s with an avg team.

    3. Reality check, Taylor and Kershaw will absolutely not be back nect year. Those guys will want a shitload of money, and I’d rather have them resign Scherzer and extend Trea Turner. Daydream all you want, but it will not happen.

      1. Trea is already signed for next year. Kersh and Taylor will absolutely be back next year. Scherzer will be back as long as Bauer contract is void.

      2. I’ve not heard or seen anything about excessive demands from either. Taylor will be back; Kershaw is questionable.

        1. I’d rather see them sign Freddie Freeman, unless he resigns with the Braves, and Kris Bryant. Trade Bellinger, Lux, and Rios away.

    4. Every good start adds 10 million? I don’t think so. That’s ridiculous for his age.

  2. Sherzer is pitching as well as he ever has in his career. We absolutely need to make every effort to resign him. The Dodgers could win multiple WS championships in the next few years. Sherzer could out them over the top during that time frame. Trea Turner has one more year before free agency, but he needs to be resigned ASAP as well.

  3. What is really nice is that in spite of Dave Roberts, the Dodgers can still manage to win. Last night, Max pitched a beautiful game through six innings and only threw 14 pitches (yeah, sarcasm) but DR. decided that the Dodgers could not tolerate that much success so he brought in a new pitcher to the tune of two runs. I don’t believe that Roberts made that decision by himself — one person can ‘t be that dumb !!!!!!!!!

    1. With all due respect Glen, IT WAS SCHERZER WHO MADE THE DECISION. He informed Roberts before the game started that his hamstring was tight and would go as long as he could without hurting himself or the team. Problem he has had before, but knows his body well enough to admit it and to pull back on going full force on his pitches.

      1. Harry, Scherzer did come out of his own accord. Good decision. We don’t need anymore injuries. In the context of Dave Roberts’ decsion making, Graterol was a terrible deciision. He is in trouble just about every time he pitchers. Dude is a thrower with a 100mph fastball. Until he learns to be a pitcher, lets not bring him into close games. We almost threw one away.

    2. Man, you should look up these type of info before making ridiculous claims. Scherzer has hamstring tightness and took himself out of the game.
      I think Roberts has done an incredible job despite all the injuries we have had this year.

    3. Sherzer made the decision because of his hamstring tightness, why is everything dumped on Roberts? We won remember? Kelly even closed

  4. Every true Dodger fan loves Kershaw, because he is a great team player, has been good for a long time and always gives 100%. However, with diminished stuff and a history of injury over the last few years, I think it’s time to move on.

    1. no way – he’s back. 4 years younger than Max Scherzer, Kersh 33 and Max 37 will be resigned as long as we win the WS!

  5. I think Roberts is getting it right as far as the lineup goes. I think Mookie 2nd and thats it

    1. Roberts is getting it right. Dodgers are now the best team in baseball, and with only 3 starters the last month+!

    2. I think best lineup has Mookie at the top and Trea second–Mookie is more comfortable at the Top and Trea can bat anywhere:


  6. Max didn’t evade the question. He said he’s focused on this season and winning another World Series Championship. So far he’s got to love the results since he is undefeated since joining the Dodgers. and because of him, Trea and the other Dodgers getting back from injuries, they are in first place and starting to gel. He’ll be back if they win the WS!

  7. Interestingly, Spotrac does not list a salary or player option salary for Bauer for next year or the year after. I believe his contract has been cancelled due to clauses that accelerate a cancelation based upon player conduct. Now, we’ll see if the MLBPA fights very hard on his behalf, but he may have to go pitch in Asia for a few years.

    As for Sherzer, he wanted to be here. Hopefully, a new ring and the great depth tis team has will keep him around a couple more years. In typical Friedman style, a two-year deal with an option for a third year.

    Kershaw should be brought back. His stats aren’t off that much at all. For Kershaw, its now all about placement, mixing up speeds, using his plus curve and slider, and keeping guys off balance. He can be good for three more years mastering that.

    With Sherzer, Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, May and Gonsolin, they’d be set for another run, and another after that.

    As for position players, lets first see what Boras demands and what Seager decides on. That will cause a domino effect across the infield…

  8. “it would be very odd for a player of his caliber to show his hand and say that he wants to be back with the Dodgers. ”

    But…Let’s still lead the story with the click-baity headline,

    “Scherzer Evades Question About His Future in Blue”

  9. I’d heard that he might be interested in going back to the Nationals, but I don’t see why that would be of any interest if they aren’t going to be contenders next year, and I don’t think that they’re going to be contenders at all.
    Of course, I’m biased, but I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to stay here unless his family is too settled into DC.

    1. Good post. Scherzer has two, maybe three years left and that might be a stretch with his intensity and max effort style. I live in Pa. and get to watch the Nationals play every night and their current team make up is not close to a title and I would doubt that Scherzer would want to go back to their current outlook. But, you can’t discount the family issue, very good point, though I haven’t heard much to that point. He would have lost his mind yesterday watching the Nationals blow a 6-0 lead and losing to the Phillies. One point though, is that the Lerner family (Nat’s owners) are not afraid to spend money and they could and probably would spend a lot if they thought that Scherzer indicated he would like to end his career there which could turn the Nats around pretty quickly. Stay Tuned.

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