Dodgers: Truth About Why Baseball Fans Hate LA, Proof That LA Doesn’t Buy Their Success

Cue up the “BEAT LA” chants. Based on online data accumulated through Twitter for over a month by BetOnline.ag, the Los Angeles Dodgers were found to be the most hated team in MLB. We discuss the suspect methodology used in the study and why the Dodgers are most likely not the most hated baseball team in the country.

Next, we discuss why fans hate the Los Angeles Dodgers and dispel all the false myths that baseball fans believe in when it comes to LA’s dominance over the last decade. Plus, how LA has built their juggernaut and why it won’t be slowing down any time soon.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. It is not the Dodgers who are the most hated, it is by far the Astros. The hate for this team and especially Altuve and Correa is deep everywhere…..

    1. I agree with you 1 trillion percent. They cheated and got away with it. Houston doesn’t deserve a team at all.

  2. The people who think the dodgers just buy up the best players show how little they know about the mlb playerbase. How many of these stars we have were nobodies that teams like the A’s and Rays would pick up? A lot over the years. How many are homegrown? Quite a few. It’s a mix of developed stars, homegrown stars, and yes bought stars but not as many as the developed and homegrown. People can hate all they want because they’re the ones suffering not us

    1. Scherzer and Turner? Price and the reliever with glasses? Pollock? Betts? All losers?
      LA ….Buys the best.
      $261 Million for 2021.

      1. Muncy, JT, Bellinger, Will Smith, Kershaw, Urias, Seager, Buehler, Jansen, Taylor, are all homegrown or not highly touted pick ups.

  3. Astros are easily the most hated team. The Yankmees are up there. Thanks to Machoda, Tat-boy, and Grisham, I really hate the Padres now. They are SO ghetto.

  4. San Fran fans are pathetic. San Diego fans have no lives. Arizona fans are bitter. All of them hate LA. Big deal.

  5. The fact that our Dodgers are renting space in other teams fan base heads? Priceless!
    Hahahahaha We have the best stadium to play and watch a baseball game, hands down. We don’t need a mascot to keep our fans from getting bored either. The name Dodgers comes with a pedigree of 7 World Series victories since the mid 50’s to as recent as 2020. That’s why the hate. Get a life haters.

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