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Dodgers: Mayor of Los Angeles Promises a World Series Celebration

The Dodgers are officially World Series Champions. After 32 years of waiting, Los Angeles broke the drought with a win over the Rays in Game 6 on Tuesday, The result of that was one of the craziest celebrations from a distance that we have ever seen across LA.

The Dodgers winning the World Series just two weeks after the Lakers won the NBA Finals has fans ready to explode. All across the city, people just want to know when they’re going to get a chance to properly celebrate their teams. With the pandemic placing everything on hold, Mayor Eric Garcetti gave an update

I definitely intend to have the opportunity for Angelenos to celebrate the Lakers and, on their own day, the Dodgers…There are a few things that comprise our DNA in L.A.: sand, sunshine, the Lakers, and Dodger blue. To have two of them come through, to give us the joy we so badly need this year, is really exceptional. There will never be a month like this, just as we hope there is never a year like this.

The Mayor threw out the idea of having both teams at Griffith Park Observatory looking down to the fans and city, though that was just an idea off of the top of his head. The Dodgers and Lakers would obviously like their own parades, but COVID has complicated things moving forward.

The plan might be to hold off on any real celebration until were past the coronavirus, though who knows how long that might be. In the meantime, celebrate with your close family and loved one’s Dodgers and Lakers fans, and please do it responsibly. You’ve earned it. 

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