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Dodgers: Mets and Brewers Remain Interested in Justin Turner

The Dodgers are just over a week away from players reporting to Spring Training. And despite how close we are to the start of the season, they still do not have an official starting third baseman. 

The Dodgers have long been the favorites to re-sign veteran third baseman Justin Turner. But each passing day that he does not sign with Los Angeles, it feels as though the likelihood of another team swooping in grows. 

Early on in the offseason, it didn’t seem like there were many teams other than the Dodgers in on JT. But over the last few weeks, teams have started to come out of the woodwork as they miss out on other free agents. The latest report from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal says that both the Brewers and Mets remain interested in signing JT. 

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Rosenthal notes that while the Mets are interested, the two sides have yet to match up well on contract length and total dollars. The Mets also have some hesitancy because a JT signing would likely mean a trade of J.D. Davis. The Dodgers remain interested in Turner at 2 years, which is likely what the other teams are offering at this point. 

The Brewers have been rumored in Turner’s free agency for the last couple of weeks, though it’s unclear if there’s been any real traction in negotiations. The biggest factor as of right now seems to be contract length, and at 36, JT does not appear to be getting the 4-year deal he was reportedly searching for. 

Although there are still other teams in on him, the Dodgers are likely still the favorites this late in the game. Still, it does seem odd that he’s not already back with Los Angeles. 

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  1. Turner is attempting to maximize his final contract. We all understand that and wish him the best. We are all hoping for a re-signing of JT. I believe there is a 80-90% probability of JT and the Dodgers linking back up.
    The Bauer signing makes many of us wonder if the Dodgers will use minor league pitchers to make a trade for a very good 3rd baseman and right-handed bat. The Dodgers have Busch, Hoese, Amaya, Mann, and Vargas in the minors to name a few and all of them are highly rated prospects. I really like Vargas. Several are right-handed and a year or two away.
    This is going to get interesting. JT is 36 and slowing down in bat speed, foot speed and reaction time, it is inevitable.

  2. I think JT was hoping for adoption of the universal DH. This would give him more value to a team competing for his services. It looks, however, like the Players Association has rejected the DH for 2021. It might be in JT’s best interest to sign a one year contract and see if the DH is implemented next season.

    1. The Union currently objected to delays to start of ST and the regular season, with a reduction to 154 games and an expanded post season. The teams and Union all want the DH, so it was these other issues that the Union rejected at the outset, not the DH.

  3. I would recommend a 4 yr deal with JT.
    Structure a higher value annual rate for 2021 & 2022

    for 2023 & 2024 have a club a lower $ buyout figure.
    Then make a seperate non payroll Sizable $ pledge
    to their Charitable Trust Fund

    1. Why offer him 4 years? No other team is going to offer him 4. If they were he’d be signed by now.

      I’d be shocked if anyone offered him 3 years.

      I’d like to see JT back on a 2 year deal.

  4. AF do you take JT to be your contractually wedded third baseman. To allow him to be part of multiple world championships, and finish his career with Dodgers?

    JT do you take AF to be your GM. To continue to be the heart and soul of this Dodger baseball team, and continue be a shining star in the postseason, until this new contract expires?

    I now pronounce you world championship GM and world championship third baseman. You may now proceed to start a dynasty.

    Get R Done.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Friedman and Turner have a deal but are waiting on Friedman to swing a trade to open up 2 positions on the 40 man roster. Friedman needs a place for Bauer and Turner if he signs him.

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