Dodgers: Mets Reportedly More Likely to Land Nolan Arenado

As the situation at third base becomes less and less clear for the Dodgers, fans have anxiously been waiting on Nolan Arenado news. If you’re one of the many fans who were hoping that he would end up in LA, you might be disappointed this offseason. 

On Wednesday morning, MLB expert Jon Morosi reported that the Dodgers were not the most realistic destination for Arenado. Instead, Morosi revealed the recently revamped New York Mets were a much better match for the Rockies for a lot of reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons that Morosi felt the Dodgers were less likely is because of the division. The Rockies probably do not want to trade a star player within a division, having to see him multiple times in any given season. 

But in terms of what the Dodgers can offer in a package versus the Mets, Los Angeles is the favorite. The Mets historically have not had a great farm system, and that is still sort of accurate. They currently have 3 players in MLB’s top 100 prospects while LA has just 1. New York could offer Major League talent, but it would be a better move for Colorado to seek out more long-term commitments. 

Regardless, it seems as though it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that Arenado ends up with the Dodgers. 

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  1. Will Arenado waive his no-trade clause in his contract? How about his opt-out after the 2021 season what would that cost. Is it a one-year rental I don’t see the Mets trading for Arenado?

  2. Arenado could very well begin the season whenever it starts as still a member of Rockies. Difficulty in dealing him is his no trade clause and his opt out after the 2021 season.

  3. Arenado should think long and hard as the next 8 years of his career will be the deciding factor if he ever wins a championship and wears the ring that all of these players want. If decides the only team he will play for is the Dodgers then the Rockies will have no choice but to make the trade happen. He will win a Championship or multiple he ends up hitting over 500 homeruns 1500 RBI’s 13+ gold Gloves and goes into the Hall of Fame as a Dodger . If not he rots in New York get’s pelted by the fans when goes into slumps when that Stadium is not suitable for long ball hitters .

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