MLB Owners Want to Delay 2021 Season! Are We in for an All-Out Feud Between Owners and Players?

MLB owners and the MLB players union appear to once again be at odds about the start of the upcoming 2021 season. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that MLB team owners and the players union disagree about whether the start of the 2021 season should be pushed back.

On the owner’s side, they want players and tier 1 personnel to receive the COVID-19 vaccination prior to reporting to Arizona and Florida spring training sites. With the roll out of the vaccine just getting underway, it’s unlikely that all players and team staff will be vaccinated by the beginning of spring training and now team officials are requesting a potential May start to the 2021 season.

On the players’ side, they’re fully expecting to begin spring training on time with a full 162-game slate of games to follow. We discuss Bob Nightengale’s report and what lies ahead between MLB owners and the players union. Plus, will MLB allow fans at games in 2021?



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  1. Translation – Owners want to delay season until they can collect full ticket revenue for games.

    Sorry owners, the MLBPA isn’t going to play that game.

    1. Yes the owners want to delay until fans can return to games so they can generate their revenue to pay their operating expenses which includes paying player salaries. You think there’s something more wrong with that then players demanding full pay when games are not generating full revenue. Please. Both sides had better hammer out a comprise or there will be no baseball in 2021. Who wins then?

        1. Baseball owners are trying to come up with a solution that will allow them operate as functioning businesses rather than going bankrupt. The players union is trying to maximize their pay irregardless of the business consequences. Unions don’t care if something is impossible. They don’t care if they drive the very businesses that pay them out of business. I’ve never understood unions for millionaires anyway. It’s not like the millionaires are being taken advantage of. Minor league teams are dropping like flies. Minor leaguers aren’t millionaires. They are the little guys who need help, as the millionaire MLB players line their pockets.

      1. Players want these absurd contracts but don’t want the owners to recoup expenses. Not every franchise is the Dodgers or the Yankees. Even baseball in May is not guaranteed to have fans. If these spoiled millionaires can’t bend a little well……….’em

  2. It all depends on the ability of the pharmaceuticals to provide the vaccine, the US to administer the vaccine, and the willingness of people to get the shots.
    The faster the US can get to the 70% mark the faster we can get on with our lives.
    Do you think the baseball owners will start up the season without the ability to make money?
    It is a business.

    1. Tmaxster, I honestly felt that because this Covid 19 is in full swing across America right now and still will be come March, that a regular full 162 game season really may not be possible at all. By March it’s really difficult to think that enough players, coaches and other MLB people will have gotten this vaccine. Not only that but playing rules for 2021 still have to be worked out. By the sound of the way things are shaping up between the MLBPA and Owners, the start of 2022 also would appear to be somewhat iffy as well.

  3. Once again the NBA shows to be the better league ( despite what alt right clowns say) as they are about to be underway for the fans just a couple months after the finals.

    1. Good for the NBA and good for you. So why don’t you go watch the NBA, post your comments on CNN, and stop bothering people here with your constant political drivel. Folks are here to talk baseball.

      1. Oh yes they are here to talk baseball unless it’s pro right then it’s ok to bring other topics in. I will enjoy the nba because I like basketball and baseball. Go Lakers

    1. The owners are not going to go broke and they have millions or billions. However, they did, without question, lose money in 2020 and likely will again in 2021 if fans can’t go to ball parks until June.
      Many industries have been decimated by the virus and many people have lost their jobs as a result. The minimum wage for an MLB player in 2021 is $570,500; that’s 9x the median income for people in the US. They can take a pro-rated salary based on a reduced schedule of games and the owners can play some number of games with empty seats to keep everyone whole. Any arguments to the contrary by parties on either side are disingenuous, extremely selfish, and demonstrate a contemptuous lack of regard for their customers who are us fans.

    2. Unless you are privy to the tv contracts and revenue streams for every team it is best not to generalize about the state of the owners finances.

  4. Unless you are privy to the tv contracts and revenue streams for every team it is best not to generalize about the state of the owners finances.

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