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Dodgers Mix Up the Starting Rotation for the Doubleheader Today

The Dodgers and Cubs are set to play a doubleheader today in Chicago. This comes one day after rain/inclement weather shut down their shot at playing on Monday. The 2 teams will instead play a set of 7 innings games to make up the game. 

Walker Buehler was initially set to get the ball for the Dodgers on Monday in Chicago. He would have been pitching on 5 days of rest had he pitched as scheduled. Instead, the Dodgers opted to push him back to Wednesday. 

The Dodgers will instead turn to Clayton Kershaw in game 1 at 11:20 am PT. Kershaw will be pitching on 5 days of rest and was already scheduled to throw Tuesday. They will also go with Trevor Bauer in game 2 at 4:40 pm PT. 

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Bauer is going to be throwing off 4 days of rest, which is normal for him. The Dodgers pitcher has expressed a desire to throw every 4 days, and the team has been open to the idea. They might be more open to it now that they will be without Dustin May for the rest of the 2021 season. 

The Cubs and Dodgers are both looking to take advantage of the opportunity to win 2 games on Tuesday. Chicago has lost 7 of their last 10 games and are in 4th place in the National League Central. Los Angeles is obviously looking for a chance to find their groove again and get back to winning. 

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  1. Need to sweep today. We have our aces going. Where’s Beaty and Pollock? I guess they weren’t good enough the other day!

  2. The whole line up is a mess. I think Kershaw made the right decision in pulling out. Cut your losses and get ready for the next time. We need a clean up batter from here on. I like Taylor batting 3rd and 4th to Turner. Smith 6th and 7th to Beatty 8th Pollack The 9th spot.

  3. When you put on Muncy, Rios. Lux then a pitcher out you will either bat into a double play or a strike out from all mentioned. You keep on hoping that Lux will catch on to his former triple A status. Rios and Lux with Muncy will strike and I would bet on it. Why would you pull Turner out of the line-up. If you want to lose or not score runs keep Turner out. This doesn’t make any sense. You will never win this line-up. I hope you prove me wrong

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