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Dodgers: MLB Expert Borderline Demands that Clayton Kershaw Start All-Star Game

Major League Baseball is less than two weeks away from the All-Star Game. In case you haven’t heard, Dodger Stadium is set to host the Midsummer Classic. There’s always debates about which players should be on the team, which players got snubbed, and which pitchers should start for each team. For MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds, there’s no question that Clayton Kershaw should be starting for the National League.

Reynolds, a 12-year MLB veteran, who’s been an analyst for years and years, explained why Kershaw, and only Kershaw, should be considered for the start at home. It’s not the first time the topic has been discussed, but Reynolds hit it out the park.

“The All-Star game, one is an exhibition you market the sport, you put your best out here that generational, or season-wise, whatever it is, but Clayton Kershaw, pitching in LA in an All-Star Game is a huge story. We can’t mess this up. There hasn’t been an All-Star Game since 1980 in LA and Kershaw has been the best pitcher in this generation. …you can’t mess it up.”

The analyst then talked to a graphic that the network through up on the screen listing out all of the last five hurlers who have started the All-Star Game at their home stadium: Max Scherzer (2018), Harvey (2013), Clemens (2004), Esteban Loaiza (2003), and Pedro Martinez (1999).

Reynolds was quick to note that Kershaw deserved the start in 2013, but Giants manager Bruce Bochy gave it to Matt Harvey since the game was at Citi Field.

But Reynolds didn’t stop there, he admitted that Marlins pitcher Sandy Alcántara has been the best pitcher in the NL, but highlighted how he would even have a problem with Tony Gonsolin starting over Kershaw. 

“If they start Gonsolin, and not Kershaw, and Kershaw’s there, I have a problem with that.”

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Kershaw has nothing to prove. His pitching record is established. AllStar is just a showcase game; unnecessary wear and tear on a critical part of the LAD starting rotation. Save Kershaw for games that move the LADS toward play-offs.

  2. IDK Harold. Although Alcantara has more Ks, Gonsolin leads the NL in wins with 11 and has no losses and has an NL best 1.62 ERA.
    Hard to say some one other than Gonsolin deserves to start.

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