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Dodgers: MLB Insider Confident Clayton Kershaw Will Re-Sign With LA

The MLB is in the midst of a cold lockout winter. When the freeze is over, Dodgers fans are still hoping LA can lock-in superstar pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

Kershaw is one of the many free agent players who did not sign a deal before the CBA expired on December 1st.

AM570’s David Vassegh believes there’s no question that Kershaw will re-sign with the Dodgers once a new CBA is in place.

“I am 100% confident Clayton Kershaw will be with the Dodgers in 2022. That’s my opinion.”

Importantly, he threw in a wrinkle that fans may need to consider. A deal may not happen before spring training or opening day. Vassegh continued.

“I’m not saying it’s going to happen on Opening Day. He’s still dealing with an arm issue.”

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A troublesome elbow injury prevented Kershaw from being a factor down the stretch for the Dodgers. The 14-year Dodger veteran made just four appearances after the All-Star Break. He did not throw a single pitch in the 2021 playoffs.

The elbow injury was unknown territory for Kershaw.

With that in mind, Andrew Friedman elected not to offer Kershaw a qualifying offer to give the lefty more time to think about his baseball future. Had the Dodgers done so, the lefty would have had 10 days to accept or decline the offer.

Friedman did state that the Dodgers will “absolutely work together” with Clayton if he decides to stay a Dodger.

The three-time Cy Young winner has been the face of the Dodgers franchise for the last decade-plus. Even in the free agency era, it’s difficult to imagine Kershaw in any other color but Dodger blue.

Vassegh’s confidence on the matter should help many Dodgers fans through these tough cold lockout winter nights.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. The longer Kershaws arm takes to return to some level of average or above, the money discussed for his contract needs to reflect the down time which could occur again as is more likely given his recent injuries.

  2. That’s probably one of the reasons they’re waiting. The other is to wait until they mske necessary trades to clear roster spacr and to see where they are salarywise. Then they can structure his contract to try to stay under the ceiling.

    1. They, and every other team, must wait until an agreement is made between players and owners. They have to weigh the health of his throwing arm, and act when it is permissible.

    1. That’s not even funny. Contact a career-hated one who juiced the last 8 years of his career and made a mockery of the HR record?

      You’re an idiot.

      1. David, Claytons fast ball has dipped each season so he had to rely on his curves which have hurt his elbow. He will need surgery and opted out of that. Taking a dig at the all time juicer Bonds is exactly what was done. If your too much a snowflake to handle some humor, then I suggest croquet, maybe checkers , try watching Richard Simmons or Rupaul , they may cure your baseball impotency.

  3. Vassegh is a Roberts Rally Monkey who wears the hat backwards AND inside-out.

    I don’t take stock in what he says anymore.

  4. I still think that he will sign with the Texas Rangers. It’s time to move on from him.

  5. kershaw might want to take 6 months to a year off to just heal . then he could come back stronger on an incentives contract and finish his career. great deception and control when hes been on and he knows how to pitch. making the ball dance in and around the strike zone knowing how to get hitters to chase with his mix and and take pitches that looked like they were going to miss then catch a piece of the plate. and he worked the ball up and down the strike zone inside and out. hes an effective pitcher as long as his workload capacity isnt exceeded like last year. he had problems maybe the last 2 springs then the team ramped up his workload capacity and overloaded his workload capacity then he went on the i.l. hes more of a 5 inning guy now maybe 75 pitch limit 20 starts limit also to maintain peak performance. theres alot of lure to texas possibly but maybe hes waiting to see what LA and texas are offering first. seems like it.

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