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Dodgers: MLB Insider Doesn’t See a Path Back to LA for Estranged Trevor Bauer

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has a long way to go in just his legal battle. Despite having the restraining order against him dropped via a decision from a judge, Bauer still has a case pending. The Pasadena Police department just handed over their investigation results to the District Attorney, and they need to decide where to go from there. 

The DA could file charges against Bauer or decide to drop the case, depending on the findings. But regardless of how that side of it plays out, the Dodgers are not expected to have him back this year. And there seems to be a chance that he will never be back. 

From ESPN’s Jeff Passan today, sources around the league expect action regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges. That would mean that there is almost a 0 percent chance that he pitches with the Dodgers this year, something pretty much anyone could see coming. 

If the DA does not make a decision on charges before the end of the season, Bauer almost certainly will remain on administrative leave. If he’s charged, MLB would either extend his administrative leave or use the paid-suspension provision in the policy. If he’s not charged, a suspension will be coming, and even if Bauer appeals, the lack of an immediate stay will prevent him from returning.

In addition to that, Passan also suggests the actual suspension from MLB could be huge. Maybe even the largest suspension under the Domestic Violence policy to date.

The expectation around the sport is that the league would pursue a suspension of at least one year. Multiple sources suggested a possibility of a two-year suspension. …this could be the longest domestic violence suspension since the implementation of the policy in August 2015.

So regardless of the DA persuing charges against Bauer, it seems almost impossible that he will pitch for the Dodgers again. There is even a chance he never pitches in baseball again depending on how things play out. 

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It’s complicated, it’s murky, and it’s almost a complete guess at this point. But Passan’s sources indicated that there doesn’t seem to be a path to him to pitch again in MLB. Things change, and the next couple of weeks could alter the view of Bauer from other teams. But he won’t be pitching for the Dodgers this year. 

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