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Dodgers: MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal Talks Free Agents, LA’s Ability to Spend Money

With the Winter Meetings on the horizon, the rumors surrounding the Dodgers are flying. However, with someone as plugged in and reputable as Ken Rosenthal, these are not rumors — they are substantiated facts.

In a recent segment on MLB Network, Rosenthal extensively discussed what direction he sees the Dodgers going in this off-season and it appears he has a favorable view of the prospective outcome:

The Dodgers appear to be in the best position financially that they have ever been in under the Andrew Friedman regime.

“The Dodgers, under Andrew Friedman, have never been in this flexible of a payroll position. They are well under the luxury tax threshold and they have been under the last years. They have their penalty reset to the minimum, so in essence, they can do anything they want.”

The Dodgers can truly go in a variety of directions.

“Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon…in the free agent market or one of the big trade pieces, whether it’s Betts or Bryant or Lindor if a trade can be made for any of those players. Whether they will do anything or not remains to be seen. Andrew Friedman, since taking over as the president of baseball operations, has not spent more than $55 million on a free agent from another team and not more than $93 million on one of his own free agents.”

The amount of moves they have made to get to this position is something that needs to be taken into account. If the Dodgers do not make a big splash, what was it all for?

“They have spent years, literally years, trying to get into this position. Remember the trade they made with Homer Bailey and Matt Kemp going to Cincinnati last year and all the dollars flying around? That is one of several they made for luxury tax reasons. They are poised, if they choose to, to do something big.”

Money is not an object to Guggenheim Baseball Management, but it sure seems like it has been in past years. This time around, something has to be done.

“They are the team that leads the major leagues in attendance and has led it for seven straight years. They also have a TV deal that is perhaps the most lucrative in the entire sport. Why work to this moment and not seize it?”

What do you think the Dodgers end up doing this off-season?

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. I think they will do nothing but sign low cost under the radar pitchers. What they should do is get Cole, Betances, and Treinen

  2. This sounds like the same old story we hear every year. Friedman and Dodgers ownership know they can pack Dodger Stadium and collect the $200 million from their TV contract by being competitive and making the playoffs. Signing a big name free agent will be a big hit on bottom line profits and will not generate a monetary return (i.e., return on investment). Guggenheim investors are only interested in making money. Does anyone believe that Mark Wolter can explain to investors: “Hey, we made less money, but we got a World Series trophy.”

    1. So sad but so true. The Dodgers seem to only get bought by these types that want to use our brand and legacy for their bank accounts only instead of doing right by the fans. I can’t support that but I will continue voicing my opinions online in hopes of waking people up

      1. NODH, it’s one reason why I posted a question on another page here and that question was, : what are the percentages that Dodgers leave the Winter Meetings in San Diego empty handed? I put my guess at 95% that hey will walk away from everything and end up with nothing from these meetings.

  3. Two BIG trades! First for Lindor. Dodgers receive Lindor and Kluger for Seager, Gonsolin, Ruiz and Stripling. Second Pedersen for Betts along with AJ Pollock, Santana and Wong. Both players signed to long term deals. Next Dodgers sign Ryu and Cole
    Possibly include Hands in Cleveland deal. Bingo! WS!

  4. They will sign Ryu. They may if Rendon will agree to a 3-4 year deal sign him. After signing Ryu they do not need rotation pitching because they have Urias coming up with Stripling, May and Gonsolin in the wings.
    I believe they should move Seager to 3rd, Lux to SS, Muncy to 2nd and Turner to 1st base. This would be a better infield defensively plus you would not need to platoon them.
    I doubt the White Sox have any talent the Dodgers need to upgrade their line up so I would keep Pederson and platoon him with Pollock at LF, Verdugo in CF and Bellinger in RF. Or switch Belli and Verdugo and see if Belli can win a Gold Glove in CF?

    1. On your OF, I would KEEP Bellinger in RF, where his offense appeared to be at its best instead of shuffling him back and forth and if he is no dealt, then Verdugo can play CF where he was at his best upon filling in for Pollock last year.

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