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Dodgers Ready for Blockbuster Trade with 5 Top-100 Prospects in Tow

While everyone wants the Los Angeles Dodgers to make a splash trade, the old adage is that to get something; you must give up something.

Therefore, it’s nice to see one prospects writer singing the praises of the Dodgers’ prospects in the minor leagues. Our friend Mike Rosenbaum writes that the Dodgers are one of the top-10 teams in baseball with prospects to trade. Now let’s take a look at what he has to say about the farm system and its holdings.

Notably, Rosenbaum says the Dodgers’ have a number of directions they can go while piecing together a few trade possibilities. While he doesn’t see Gavin Lux being dealt, he mentions the key returns the Dodgers received from the Yasiel Puig trade last winter.

While the Dodgers have one of the better hitter-pitcher prospect pairings in Lux and right-hander Dustin May (No. 32 overall), it’s a safe bet that neither player will be made available in offseason trade talks. The rise of rookie catcher Will Smith has opened the door for the Dodgers to trade Keibert Ruiz (No. 33) — another prospect the club opted not to deal ahead of the 2019 Trade Deadline — and there should be plenty of interest in the young switch-hitter, just as there was during the regular season. The two prospects (Jeter Downs, Josiah Gray) that L.A. acquired from the Reds in last offseason’s Yasiel Puig-led trade emerged as Top 100 prospects in 2019 and could once again be dangled as bait in the right deal, while players such as DJ Peters and Omar Estevez, upper-level hitters who lack a clear path to playing time in the Majors, could be packaged into a larger deal.

Obviously, if the Dodgers are going to go out and acquire a wishlist item or two that isn’t a free agent, they will have to part ways with someone mentioned above. Indeed – it’s nice to know the Dodgers have either a nice grouping of prospects to go get a great current player – or a window that should extend longer for the current core when some of these players become big leaguers in their own right.

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    1. Friedman was hired to fill the, seats at a discount price. Guggenheim is a business. Getting the most while paying the least. Once fans stop going (loss of revenue), then they will be forced to spend but as fans keep packing the park, why change? (spend needlessly).
      How does winning a title benefit Guggenheim? It doesn’t. Seats are filled and Dodgers merchandise flies off the shelf. Look at McCourt. He s still cashing in on just the parking fees, with no WS title.
      We are looking at the game as a fan, not as an investor.

    2. KB, I would like to say I think you are wrong; but, down deep, I think you might be correct. And that is scary. Go Blue!!!!

      1. BLUE LOU!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and family! It remains to be seen now but the teams’ needs and shortcomings have been talked about since the end of the NLDS. I had posed a question on what is the percentages of Dodgers leaving the San Diego Winter meetings empty handed? Well my guess is it’s about a 95 % chance.

  1. They don’t need to trade anyone. All of our needs are there in the FA market. Sign Cole, Betances and some smaller bullpen pieces

    1. I agree
      Cole, Rendon, Dillion B, signed before any talk of trades. And if we can get Ryu with our selling the farm then I say at that point if they want to trade it makes sense. but until they lock down those players I do not want to hear about a trade.
      There is no real reason why this can’t happen…
      Unless they really don’t care about winning a world series.
      Rendon will be the eventual replacement for JT
      COLE can replace Kershaw, this gives us one of the best everyday player on the field and the best Rotation of any team in Baseball. Dillion can be Kenleys immediate replacement (nothing to take away from K Jensen) love that Dude but he hasn’t been him self. DODGERS used him a ton in the last few post season in high leverage situations….
      I hope he has his best year of his career this up coming season but DB gives us options to going with the hot hand.
      At that point
      If they want to have a project (as you say) Dumpster Dive I’m all right with that but they passed on some players a few years ago that would have made it so Darvish and others would have not have been signed. I have not seen a commitment from the FO at the Helm that are supposed to be guiding this process.
      It is time to change this

    2. Dodgers don’t need to trade anyone. Leave good enough alone, and just bring in some good pitching starters, and they will have the same GOOD PLAYERS. Andrew Friedman, please don’t ruin the Dodger team. They are loved so much by everyone, and it will really change the attitude of the fans, and the clubhouse as well. Trading the good guys for someone else, will not bring a World Series. A WS brings good pitching into the game.

    3. Exactly, NODH. No real urgency or worry about have to deal away Lux or a few other top prospects. $$$ is what it will cost and Dodgers have tons of that this time around

  2. This is Horse @#$%
    We do not need to trade….
    Every front office in baseball is looking at prospects and wondering how do we get A b and C for Z
    The Dodgers are one of the highest ranked teams for attendance, merchandise sales (Jersey hats) you name it they sale it. We won’t even get into the stadium vendors but let’s say that the organization makes 167% on what they sale in house…
    Not to mention that the TV deal that excludes 85% of Dodgers fans makes 368 million per year.
    So what is left for the rest of Dodger Nation so you call it.
    I do not want to see or hear about anything close to a trade….
    Unless the Dodgers have already signed Cole, Rendon, Dillion B, and resigned Ryu.
    If they want to make some blockbuster trade after they locked up those FA. I’m all for it because it has already been shown Dodgers fans all over that this FO is serious about a Championship in 2020 and has Committed.
    But if there is anything written or talked about… (looking at you Clint Evens) it should be tossed in the garbage like a half eaten Dodger Dog.
    I bleed dodger blue and this @#$% should no longer be tolerated. Fans should no longer give and free passes for management or those that support their narrative. There is No Reason
    0 excuses why this team can’t hold all in for 2020.
    If there is any other talk it is a waste of time and complete garbage. It might as well be written by Anderw and his static team. Anyone who writes about a trade with this team before these Free agents are signed show a total Disconnection with this teams financial situation and its commitment to a Championship team on the Field in 2020.
    Let’s hope the FO pulls its head out of its @$z and realizes that this is the offseason where it can put this team in the best position to win a world series championship in 2020 and beyond!

  3. I believe they make two large deals and sign three free agents. The big deal may involve Joc and three minor leaguers. I see Downs, Ruiz,Gray and Joc going to the Redsox for Mookiie. This could only be done if Betts agrees to an extention. Next they sign BetancEs and Will Smith and kick the tires on a deal for Lindor. He comes to the Dodgers on the same preamise as Betts. Seager moves to third base. Lastly they resign Ryu. They would still keep May and Gonso to help with the fifth spot and/or the bullpen long man.

  4. Don’t trade anyone. The future is bright for them. No need to trade for an over the hill guy for top money. Keep the talent develop the talent. That is the dodger way.

    1. the Dodgers cannot use all of the prospects that have the talent to play MLB. Some will either be traded, or eventually lost in the annual rule 5 draft.

  5. I think the Dodgers front office is sensitive to the fact that there are no African American players on the roster. Look for Josiah Gray and Jeter Downs to remain with the team rather than being traded. As good as Will Smith looked last season until the significant slump, I don’t believe Keibert Ruiz will be traded unless team is overwhelmed by an offer.

  6. I can see Friedman trading his sub par farm talent for more sub farm talent. No one wants to talk about it but Smith was a flop in the post season so Friedman couldn’t even trade him. Lux is a work in process.Verdugo showed promise but also being prone to injury. May showed tons of upside as did Gonsolin. I’d keep may and Gonsolin that’s about it.

  7. Every Dodger prospect that came up last year played better than the average veteran MLBer, some much better. Verdugo, Smith, Beaty. Garlick, May, Gonsolin, Lux all hit the ground running. The Dodgers know how to prepare their minor Leaguers to be instant impact players at the MLB level. And the other MLB teams know this. Wherever so called experts rank Dodger prospects, you can add preparation points. If you call their farm system 10th best, it probably means their in the top 5 when it comes to producing MLB ready impact players.

    1. Ready to make a 2 month impact and then flame out, slowly find their way Again but when they do they are still garbage in the playoffs because of their first experience. The dodger cycle continues they damage their goods first year because they insist on making the playoffs when they know they didn’t make the moves to fill the holes to legitimately have a shot at it all

  8. Is 106 wins good or bad. Seems pretty good to me. Two world series in three years. Is that good or bad. Seems good to me. Alot of money was thrown at Joe Kelley and AJ Pollock last year. How’d they do. Not so good right. Kelley delivers stake through the heart grand slam, and Pollock can’t get a single hit in five games against the Nationals. In the meantime, Yordan Alvarez, from the Dodgers system won rookie of the year. Unfortunately he didn’t do it for the Dodgers, because they traded him to the Astros for Josh Fields. Anyone remember Josh Fields? Keep the talent at home until you find a proven star to fill clear need, like Rendon or Lindor. Rendon is free agent, not a trade. But I would give up prospects for Lindor in a trade . You can’t keep them all forever. Lindor is a switch hitting, 32 HR, 2X gold glove at shortstop. Seager to third. Turner to first. Muncy to second. I would give up Lux and more to get him.

    1. You named 3 moves that were stupid though. Signing the big names getting talked about this offseason would actually be worth it and pan out atleast for the next 3-4 years. Kelly and Pollock are not the same as what’s on the market this year

  9. The problem with this team is that the starting rotation only has two real starters with Buehler and Kershaw. It’s decent, but there need to be at least a few more pieces in order to continue and have one of the best rotations again. Look what the Astros and Nationals did. The two best starting rotations in the sport went to the World Series. With Gonsolin looking to be the next Buehler, Maeda would be fine as a 5 slot, but he is much much better as a reliever. May, might be fine as a starter, but we need at least one good starter, if not two. And for goodness sakes, why is Pederson up in trade talks he is one of the biggest home run hitters in the sport. If anyone needs trading, it’s Alexander, Hernandez, Kelly, Pollock, or possibly Seager.

  10. Dodgers need to make the Sox and Indians make a move. Sitting on what if’s all winter is not good for the clubhouse. Kris Bryant would come much cheaper then both and fill the needs they are looking for.
    Moving Joc to the White Sox who are very interested would provide more prospects and dump more salary while preparing to move on Betts as a free agent.
    I still think pitching is more of a concern at this point!

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