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Dodgers: MLB Insider Says LA Needs To Sign Free Agent Dellin Betances

Recently, Joel Sherman went on MLB Network and played Los Angeles Dodgers’ general manager for a day. Notably, the first move he would make is to go hard after starting pitcher Gerrit Cole in free agency.

Next up as Dodgers’ general manager, Sherman says he wants to take a shot on a relief ace. Of course, Sherman spells out why that candidate is former New York Yankee Dellin Betances. Honestly, thinking about what Betances was and could be for the Dodgers gets me excited. Now, let’s see what Sherman had to say about it. Remember, you can watch the full video by clicking the tweet below.

If there are some wondering why Betances became a free agent to begin with, he pitched very little in 2019 due to injury.

“For relief pitching I could take maybe a high-end risk on a a one-year guy. The that stands out to me if he is willing to go out West is Dellin Betances. He tore his achilles tendon late in the season and faced two batters all year, and he struck them both out.”

Furthermore, Sherman thinks that Betances would not only stabilize the Dodgers’ bullpen but provide insurance in case Kenley Jansen is on shaky ground at any point.

“For five years before this year he’s amongst the best relievers in the sport. He’s a dominant guy. If they could bring him in on a one-year deal to join with those other big arms who fall out of the rotation. He could protect Kenley Jansen in case he loses the closer’s role.”

Finally, Betances is entering his age-32 season; and it’s not like he’s coming off a season with a ton of wear and tear on his arm from the previous year. During those five years of dominance that Sherman speaks of, Betances has whiff totals that look like they could represent a starting pitcher.

Indeed, Betances would be a small risk for the Dodgers who could pay off in a big way. It will be interesting to see if this conjunction of the Dodgers and the former relief ace of the Yankees gains any traction in the weeks to come. The guy would look good in Dodger Blue.

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  1. Sign Betances and Cole at the very least but they should really include Wheeler as well and possibly Rendon. We have the money to do all of this Seems like they’re only interested in using our money on renovations to get even more people coming in and making them even more money that they won’t put back in the team

  2. THAT WOULD BE GREAT…. It would out the Dodgers so far over the luxury tax you would have to get rid of half the team just to keep from being taxed at the 100% mark. I think you go after Cole as priority #1. Betances could probably be had for a team friendly, incentives laden contract. If he shows he has recovered from what is usually a career ending injury for many, then make him a better offer next year, reasonably more money with incentives, If he doesn’t work out, or can’t make a go of it you release him and only lose the minimum. Wheeler and Rendon would be interested but you can’t get Cole and Rendon… that just seems a bridge too far. Maybe Wheeler and Rendon but not Cole and Rendon. They are going to both want 25 million plus per year and 50-60 million in two players really messes with your payroll

  3. I just don’t see the Dodgers FO spending what it will take to get Rendon, Strasburg or Cole. I’d be happy with Wheeler and Betances.

  4. Dodgers must sign Betances, bring some toughness back to the bullpen. Betances won’t hesitate to drill any hitter in the head, when was the last time we saw Dodgers pitchers intentionally drill hitters? Joe Kelly was that guy when he was with the Yankees and Betances. But somehow Kelly started pitching like a sissy when he came to the Dodgers. A reunion between Betances and Kelly will lead the league in HBP, put some fear back to opposing hitters. What this Dodgers team needs right now is toughness, Betances is as tough as they come.

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