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Dodgers: MLB Insiders Weigh in on Mookie Betts Trade Package

On today’s episode of As the Mookie Turns, industry insiders weigh in on Betts to Los Angeles trade talk. Now, long-time baseball pundit Peter Gammons spoke on what appears to be the standing trade offer from the Dodgers for Betts.

Right off the bat, Dodgers people will likely say “that’s too much!” And perhaps that’s an accurate take. Alex Verdugo, of course, was long considered a top prospect in baseball, and showed his wares in 2019, before back issues sidelined him in August.

Shortstop Jeter Downs is a consensus top-100 MLB prospect heading into the 2020 season; sitting at 87 on the MLB Pipeline top-100 list just last week.

Caleb Ferguson found success as a rookie with LA in 2018 but struggled in his sophomore season. Still, he’s only 23 and likely has more upside in a starting role anywhere but Los Angeles. While he was never heralded as a can’t miss prospect, he still has potential to be a big leaguer with plus stuff.

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So Gammons’ “consensus deal” has a 3-for-1 trade in the works — two top-prospects (one already a quality big leaguer) and a mid-range pitcher — for 2018 AL MVP Mookie Betts. As a reminder, Betts is set to become a free agent after the 2020 season, giving Los Angeles natives pause when pulling the trigger on a deal of this magnitude.

Moreover, this deal was quickly contested by Boston-based WEEI radio host Rob Bradford who took the “sources” approach in saying it isn’t realistic at this time.

One thing the industry seems to agree on at the moment is that a move will more than likely happen, possibly before spring training, but no one seems close on potential trade packages at this time.

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  1. Thank God Peter Gammonds isn’t the Dodgers GM! Give 3 too prospects for 1 too proven player!? Next year they would still have 3 quality players and we’d have lost ours. If that was the only way to win a WS then maybe, but it’s not!

  2. If I’m giving Verdugo, which I think he will be a star not Betts but damn good then my next two or three players are definately not Downs. I would do Verdugo and let me tell you I would rather do Pederson than Verdugo, will be Caleb, Chris Taylor, Nunez or even Ruiz as I have Wilson and the other kid coming up might even be willing to toss Maeda but not Downs and would avoid Verdugo I would give them those choices as Betts will be a one year rental and we lose Down and Verdugo which are controlable assets and good ones for the future

  3. The season is two months away. I’m looking forward to the beginning of playing baseball, and the end of rumors.

  4. While some of you are young, and don’t remember this, young pitchers used to come up to the bigs as a reliever, then transition to starter. That is exactly what Ferguson is doing! Kershaw has two years left on this contract and is definitely showing signs that he’s about done.

    With Buehler, May, Gonsolin, Gray and White, where’s the next lefty (besides Urias) that can join a RH-dominant rotation? It’s someone they just drafted, who’s at least three yeas out, and who knows if he develops!

    It would be very short-sighted for the F.O. to trade Ferguson. Verdugo as well…

  5. With that deal, I only do it if it is a sign and trade. The Dodgers would have to get at least 4 years, maybe 6 at not more than 27 million per year. Betts would have to prove he could hit NL pitching inside NL parks. I don’t mind giving them Ferguson who has the stuff but not the mental discipline and is always one pitch away from a home run. Throw in Dylan Florio while you are at it but no more. I would also give them Ruiz rather than Downs. You are going to need a third basemen eventually and shortstop is one position you can move to third.

    In the end, I doubt this happens. No sense betting the farm this early in the year when you know he will still be available at or before the trade deadline.

  6. Betts is good, but not that good. I don’t understand all the empty noise in favor of him.
    The Dodgers just don’t need him.

    Besides, Betts is a hate-America troublemaker who doesn’t appreciate how privileged he is.

    Forget about it.

  7. No way trade for Betts for any prospect. 1 year left on contract and his demands for the next contract are astronomical. You have years of control on Verdugo and Jeter. Give them vets like Pederson, Taylor, Hernandez to name a few. The only prospect I’d throw in is Ruiz as we have several good catchers in the farm system with Smith already showing his potential.

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