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Dodgers: MLB Places Trevor Bauer on Administrative Leave Effective Immediately

Major League Baseball is officially stepping into the situation with Trevor Bauer. After the Dodgers said the plan was to have him start this week at the advice of MLB, the league today announced that Bauer was going to be placed on administrative leave

The Dodgers pitcher is actively being investigated for an alleged assault committed on a woman in Pasadena. Bauer and his team have denied the claim several times and continue to deny any claim of wrongdoing in the situation. 

The league issued this statement today about the Dodgers pitcher. 

MLB’s investigation into the allegations made against Dodgers RHP Trevor Bauer is ongoing. While no determination in the case has been made, we have made the decision to place Mr. Bauer on seven-day administrative leave effective immediately. MLB continues to collect information in our ongoing investigation concurrent with the Pasadena Police Department’s active criminal investigation. 

The league is able to place Bauer on leave pending investigation for 7 days. After that, there needs to be approved with the Player’s Association to continue that leave. No word yet if the league plans on pursuing that with Dodgers pitcher. 

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The 7-day administrative leave is a paid leave. In that time, the league hopes to gather enough information to make an informed decision on the matter. At this point, it is entirely out of the Dodgers’ hands on what they do with Bauer. 

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  1. I’m assuming the Dodgers were expecting this and will adjust accordingly.

    Can’t say I’m shocked with all the knee jerk reactions either. This country is still based on the premise that one is not guilty until proven to be guilty by the facts shown and decided on in court.

    I’m not saying that Bauer, by any means, is anywhere near innocent. His actions speak for themselves. The only question remaining is whether those same actions – minus the emotional reactions – are found to be illegal in any way. He will face public condemnation no matter what though and probably will deserve most of that, if for nothing than for being foolish in his personal life. Sometimes that’s enough.

    Still all the calls for his head are overwhelmingly childish and completely ignorant of how the legal system is supposed to work here. Yes, save all the “justice is only for the rich” comments too. That’s too easy a meme to avoid for some apparently. I just hope (hopelessly of course) that each and every “judge/jury/executioner” here will be as quick to offer words of encouragement if these allegations (an important term here) are proven either false or baseless.

    Pipe dreams though. Once a Dodger fan always a Dodger fan in my mind, so all is good I guess.

  2. I said it on this website comments when the Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer, they should have used that money to extend Clayton Kershaw, look what happened now? If Kershaw leaves via free agency and Bauer gets kicked out of the team, Andrew Friedman will have a lot of explaining to do.

  3. I agree. They released parts of the texts between the woman and Bauer. It appears that it was an S&M type thing. The things she said she didn’t ask for or agree to, such as the head slapping/hitting, she did indeed agree to and encouraged. Not a good look for Bauer, but unfortunately, in that world, injuries do tend to happen

  4. I wood rather talk about how our guys are going to fill his rotation spot. Who do they promote now that May is gone? Is Price the best replacement? Do the Dodgers try to make a trade? If so, the opposing GM is going to skewer us. Personally, I don’t think Bauer pitches for us again. Even if he is exonerated, the kind of person that beats a woman, even if she wants to be beaten, should never be found in Dodger uniform. This speaks to the kind of guy he is. I no likee.

  5. Those comments that were posted yesterday speak loud and clear, What the hell were you thinking? It OK that she requested to be…….. I’m sorry but you have now cut into our season

  6. He was a Covid-19 Cy Young, 60 game winner, anyway. Nothing to see there.
    With his background, I was surprised the LA club signed him in the first place.
    You get what you pay for.0

  7. Mlb just doing anything to get back at him or dodgers ??? Not even cheating got punished or any similarity…

  8. Dylan Hernandez scorched the the Dodgers FO on the whole Bauer incident in his column today. Reading the Stan Kasten quotes reminded me of why I’ve said for years that he shouldn’t be the Dodgers’ mouthpiece. His comment that “we don’t know what happened” is insulting. We know Bauer made some terrible decisions that have adversely impacted his teammates, his team’s season, and the Dodger culture and the community it represents. The only thing we don’t know is if his ‘decision’ making rises to the criminal level.

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