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Dodgers Will Have Zero Starters in the 2021 All-Star Game

The Dodgers will not have any position players in the starting lineup during the 2021 All-Star Game. Baseball fans took part in the second phase of voting to determine the AL and NL starters, and Los Angeles did not have a single player finish in first at their position. 

That includes Max Muncy, who led the initial voting phase over at first base. Muncy was beaten out by the Braves’ Freddie Freeman, who comes in ranked well below Muncy in Wins Above Replacement. The Dodgers’ first baseman has a 4.0 bWAR versus Fremman’s 1.3 bWAR. 

That was probably the only real miss by voters in terms of All-Star Game starters for the Dodgers. Justin Turner finished in second place at third base behind Nolan Arenado. Fans voting for Arenado, Turner, or Kris Bryant really couldn’t be wrong regardless of which direction they went. 

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Mookie Betts and Chris Taylor finished as the runner-ups in the outfield, but CT would’ve made it if there were a utility position. Of all the guys not named Muncy, Taylor arguably deserves a starter nod the most out of the Dodgers finalists.

 But the Dodgers still have a pretty good chance of getting some players in to the game in Denver. The reserve players are chosen via a combination of player ballots as well as choices from the Commissioner’s Office. That would also include starting pitchers and relievers. 

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  1. Any contest in which the fans vote, and are allowed to vote numerous times, is likely to have issues. You could also make the point that as good as the Dodgers have been this year, they don’t have any players producing the type of standout seasons that would attract the attention of fans in other cities. Yes, Muncy should probably be starting but he doesn’t have the national profile that Freeman does. Yes, Turner is probably the most consistent producer in the league, but that’s not something that non-Dodger fans would notice.

  2. Seriously. There are no starting alstars on this team . Who would you even suggest based on this years stats. Betts ? Really? Muncy ? Close but? Taylor of course but he’s not a position player. lux but thats a joke. Not this year guys.

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