Dodgers: MLB Prospects Experts Continue to Rank LA Farm System Highly

If you are enjoying seeing the younger Dodger prospects in spring training, it looks like that enjoyment will continue for some years to come. MLB ranked all the farm systems, and the Dodgers are ranked at the third spot.


Bright Present, Shiny Future

In many projections around the baseball world, the Dodgers are projected to win anywhere from 99-110 games in 2020. Of the top five teams in this article, only the Rays and Dodgers are projected to be teams competing for the playoffs, with the Rays likely fighting for a wild card berth. The Twins and Braves are in the top ten, but they don’t sniff the top five. Why? The answer is easy, obvious, but deserving of another mention. The Dodgers front office is employed by some of the best in the business when it comes to drafting and development. Andrew Friedman and company deserve all the praise they are lauded with.

The Kids Have Names

In the top 100 prospects in the majors, here are the Dodgers who grace that list. Gavin Lux, (No. 2), Dustin May, (No. 23), Josiah Gray, (No. 67), Keibert Ruiz, (No. 73), Brusdar Graterol, (No. 83)

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The great part about this is that Lux, May, and Graterol are all MLB ready. How much Dodger fans will see of these kids is up in the air, but many expect to see Gavin Lux full time. This is not likely, but we probably will see Lux quite a bit. Dustin May has recently been rumored to start the season in Triple-A, given the rotation has been announced without Dustin May (or Tony Gonsolin for that matter.) With what we’ve seen from Brusdar Graterol, I cannot imagine not seeing him in the Dodgers bullpen, unless he develops health issues. His stuff is major league ready, particularly if Mark Prior and company can improve his slider. His sinking fastball alone hits triple digits and moves like a dancer. Gray is definitely still improving and developing. He remains a prospect. Keibert Ruiz still has improvement to do as well. He’ll remain a prospect. Besides, Will Smith and Austin Barnes having the backstop held down.

Wide Open Windows

“The window is almost closing” is basically a cliched trope among Dodger fans. After seven straight division titles I laugh when that notion is entertained by some ill-informed Dodgers fan on social media. Since Friedman and company started running the Dodgers, drafting and development have been nothing short of brilliant. Remaining competitive for a World Series while still having an incredibly farm program is miraculous. This Dodgers organization has most definitely not ‘bought the farm.’

I’m not in the least bit sorry, that’s a terrific pun.

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. Watching Dodger spring games, we’ve had the chance to see Zack McKinstry, Cody Thomas, Zack Reks, Anthony Garcia, and Victor Gonzalez. These guys can play and don’t even show up on the list. Tony Gonsolin and Dennis Santana aren’t there either but, given their spring performance, they would make any other team. This farm is as deep the major league roster.

  2. Sometimes it seems the dodgers let Minor Leaguers rot down there. I saw Spring games in person and remember Lux standing out 2 years ago. Now McKinstry is even better. Maybe leaving them down too long gets in their head and they come up short when finally given the opportunity. A load of guys looked way better than Kiki and Taylor who have no real upside like some of these guys. Cody Thomas was incredible and Rios seems to always hit. Guys like Raley and Reks looked good too. I could name more but what’s the point. The Dodgers could be blending in these good looking Minor guys and trade off the Kiki, Taylor and Pedersons while not missing a beat. If someone like the Brewers were smart they would unload Hader for a trio of Cody Thomas, Rios and McKinstry.

  3. Lux should be the everyday 2nd baseman for the Dodgers and i mean everyday if he gets hurt then fill in we don’t need Kiki or Taylor filling in 2 or 3 times a week play him everyday.

  4. I know let’s let Freeman and Scamming Stan completely gut that farm system with 1 year rentals.

    Let’s keep picking up parts we don’t need Like a one year rental in an already crowded outfield.

    Instead of letting our program developed our younger players and actually purchasing what we need on the free agent market instead of trading away our youth and our future.

    1. EXACTLY!! I shuddered the entire off-season, in fear that they’d trade away their good young players. And they have traded an excellent young guy (noted health issues exist there) for anOTHER outfielder for whom the team has had to make room and *choke* even GIVE the lead-off spot to! He wanted it so they said “Sure…” He will have to prove to *me* for one that he is worthy of this team. I know the guys profess to be “thrilled” that he is there. Personally, I think picking up David Price was THE “Priceless” thing they did and no one even seems to mention him! I say ALL Betts are OFF but definitely the PRICE is Right!

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