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Dodgers: MLB Pundit Think LA Could Land Frank Montas in a Deal

The Dodgers are probably going to need some help in the starting rotation at some point. With so much continued uncertainty surrounding Trevor Bauer’s situation with Major League Baseball, they can’t expect help to be coming. They do have Tyler Anderson as a depth option and they do have Danny Duffy expected back during Summer. But is that enough for a serious World Series team?

Time will tell. But if the Dodgers do want to go out onto the market for an arm, Oakland A’s hurler Frankie Montas should be at the top of their wishlist. The 29-year-old hurler is making $5 million this year and has another year of team control after the 2022 season.

The A’s have already shown that they want to get rid of the larger contracts that they have on their books. While $5 million isn’t much to most teams, it does seem to be significant for Oakland right now. But as The Athletic’s Jim Bowden explains, the Dodgers would be the perfect match. 

“The Dodgers won’t offer any of their top prospects, like the 100-mph throwing Bobby Miller, top catching prospect Diego Cartaya, infielder Michael Busch or even outfielder Andy Pages. However, they might be willing to offer two pitching prospects from the group of Landon Knack, Andre Jackson, Maddux Bruns, Carlos Duran or Gavin Stone.”

If the A’s would bite on a pair of either of those prospects, there is no reason the Dodgers wouldn’t bite. Montas is a very good starter, even receiving some Cy Young votes in 2021. But it’s all about how they view their short and long-term future. 

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Unfortuantely, a lot of that still very much seems to rely on the fate of Trevor Bauer. The Dodgers are going to want to have all of the starting depth that they can get, and maybe they do fee like what they have right now is enough. But if not, they should go after Montas. 

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  1. Dustin May will come back in the 2d half in addition to Danny Duffy. And Caleb Ferguson. But Montas for any 3 prospects who are not likely to make the rotation [anyone not in the Dodgers top 7 prospects] would be a good deal.

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