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Dodgers: MLB Will Be Updating Clubs On Monday

We might be one baby step closer to finding out when we get Dodgers baseball back. In a memo released today by Major League Baseball, it was announced that clubs will be involved in a conference call with the commissioner on Monday. Team owners will have a better idea of what the course of action is after that phone call.

We have been in discussions with the player’s association in an attempt to reach an overall agreement to address the myriad of issues resulting from coronavirus. Those discussions are ongoing, and we have not yet reached an agreement. The commission is scheduling a conference call on Monday at 12:00 p.m. ET to update the clubs.

The memo comes just a day after Major League Baseball advised players that they would have the option to go home if they choose to. The Dodgers have trickled out of camp over the last few days but the bulk of the players on the 40-man roster remain. The memo also advised that any non-roster players should leave camp immediately if they are able to.

The memo mainly discussed workouts and spring facility use for players, as well as where non-rostered players should go. The talks that are reported to be on the table for the conference call include waiving current CBA rules. That way, teams would be able to get more games in and finish out a full regular season, or close to it. The general sense is that teams will not know how to proceed with the schedule until they know for sure when they are allowed to start. The Dodgers were scheduled to start the season on March 26th. 

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