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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Makes Franchise History in Just His 28th Game

When you think of the Dodgers, you think of a long list of hall of fame players and excellent talent. You think of guys like Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Duke Snider, and so many more. But Mookie Betts is just the latest name to be added to the list, and he just did something no other Dodgers has. 

Mookie Betts swiped two bases in the 7th and homered for the second time in the game in the 8th. That homerun helped him became the first Dodgers player ever to homer twice and steal two bags in the same game. In the context of a great franchise like ours, that’s quite a feat. 

Dodgers teammate Kiké Hernandez talked about Betts and the impact he has on every game. He sounds like he is every bit the fan of Mookie as we all are. 

He’s unbelievable. He’s one of those guys we didn’t get the opportunity to watch too often in a different league. Now you get to see him on a daily basis and you know what all the Mookie Betts hype is all about. There’s really not anything he can’t do. It’s pretty special and we’re pretty fortunate to watch him on a daily basis.

Mookie has been on a little bit of a homerun tear for the Dodgers as of late. This month alone, he’s already clubbed 10 longballs. He is currently one homerun behind Fernando Tatis Jr for the league lead in bombs. Mookie is also up near the top of the league in stolen bases with 5 on the year. 

He really is a once in a lifetime talent, and it’s no surprise that the Dodgers wanted to keep him around long-term. If there is anyone in the sport deserving of a 12-year extension, it’s Mookie. 

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  1. What scares me is the fact that Friedman and Dave Roberts may find a way to screw him up. I guess Roberts is trying to figure out a way for every member of his bullpen to get in 50 of the 60 games. Come on man let your starters go more than 4 innings.

  2. Robert’s is really messing with the starters ability to get credit on wins. This will affect their ability to negotiate future contracts. Come on, let them go at least five innings, especially when they have a big lead. It also affects our starters chances to qualify for league awards, such as the cy young or to be recognized as top pitchers. It can also affect how they react in pressure situations during playoff games. Sometimes you have to let them work it out.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Roberts is doing his job which is to win games. Awards will come if warranted. Nuff said

  4. Until Betts came to the Dodgers they had no real lead off guy or base stealer, and hadn’t had one for a long long time. You have to go back into ancient history to find one (Davey Lopes, Brett Butler, Dave Roberts). Now they finally have one. And yes he hits home runs too. There’s pretty much nothing he can’t do. In the postseason there may be some very close low scoring games with dominant pitchers. Small ball with bunts, beating out grounders, stealing bases, etc. will decide games. Betts is critical to the Dodgers success. He fills a long-standing gaping hole in the Dodgers offense. He gives them small ball capability. It’s fun to win 10 to 1 with 6 home runs. But if you win 2 to 1, it counts the same.

  5. I personally think Roberts does a good job. They’re in 1st place. There is no dissension on the team. Everybody is happy. That’s not easy to do with all the talent that the Dodgers have. Some of you people are just nitpicking. A couple of you people would probably like to have Frank McCourt back.

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