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Dodgers’ Mookie Betts ‘Obsessed’ With Getting Shortstop Position Right, According to Dino Ebel

Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts made a huge transition this season, moving from the outfield to the infield. At first, Betts was moved to second base; however, later, in spring training, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts decided to move Betts to shortstop.

It’s a huge transition for anyone, but especially someone who has yet to play shortstop every day as a major leaguer. That was the case with Betts, and thus far, it’s been a challenge. 

Betts has a total of seven errors at short, behind Cincinnati’s Elly De La Cruz (10) and Pittsburgh’s O’Neil Cruz (eight). The 31-year-old superstar is having his highs but certainly is having his lows. Nonetheless, he’s stopping at nothing to get better than the decision day in and day out.

Dodgers Nation’s Doug McKain caught up with Dodgers third base coach Dino Ebel. Ebel said Betts’ is ‘obsessed’’ with getting the shortstop position right. 

“Just being obsessed and getting it right. I mean, this guy, never late,” Ebel said. “He’s out here every single day since day one. Getting his work in and just he wants to help the team win. And that just so much to this organization, the players that see him doing this, this is just, what he’s doing is incredible.”

Betts is stopping at nothing to improve his infield game. However, as things stand, he is average at best. In 45 games and 42 starts, Betts holds a fielding percentage of .956, 97 assists, 55 putouts, six throwing errors, and one fielding error. He clearly has a long way to go, but Ebel says he’s working towards it. 

Is it pretty looking? No. Is it awkward looking? Certainly.

Betts is a good enough athlete to play shortstop well, but it may take him a while to advance to the next level. 

It’s unsure how long this experiment will last, especially considering they have a seasoned veteran, Miguel Rojas, who is more than capable of playing short. The trade deadline is always in play, but at the moment, Betts will work his tail off to get better as the games go by. 

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Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. Actually, this was a no brainer decision. Gavin Lux is #5 in the National League for Defensive WAR. He has had ZERO errors. Mookie is #10 in the National League in Defensive WAR. He will only improve the more he plays there. 1st through 10th in WAR. Winn ss, Chapman 3b, Marte 2b, Triolo 3b, Lux 2b, Taylor cf, Fairchild cf, Crow-Armstrong cf, dArnaud c, Betts ss.
    Betts is the second best fielder at SS in WAR. Lux is the second best fielder at 2b in WAR. If Lux played full time; he could be #1. Mookie is getting better as this season progresses; but he probably would not beat Winn. I would say that Mookie is doing pretty good. Our infield defense has been exemplarary this year. Max has been really good, too. Freddie has had a pretty average year so far.

  2. playing infield, especially SS, requires more than fielding grounders. there are a lot of coverage responsibilities. I notice that Mookie is often in the wrong place — just standing at SS and not in cutoff or coverage.

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