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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Reveals Why He Decided to Play on Thursday

Following the Dodgers protest of last night’s game, many were unsure that games would be played today. Clayton Kershaw had noted that the team would follow the lead of Mookie Betts in how to move forward. So it was a little bit surprising when Betts was held out of the lineup this morning with the team playing.

Not long after that, the Dodgers released a new lineup with Mookie penciled back in. Alanna Rizzo caught up with him after the first game and asked what went into the decision to play in today’s doubleheader. 

Just to not divide each and every one of us. We have a great clubhouse here and I don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position. So I’ll go play and I’ll make sure I take care of those off the field things…There’s a plan in place, I want to get it all together before I come out and talk about it.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also talked about Mookie‘s decision to play before the games today. Doc mentioned that initially, Mookie had not planned on playing which is why he was held out of the first lineup. 

In talking to Mookie last night, he didn’t plan on playing today regardless of the doubleheaders. Felt that he wanted to continue to stand firm on his position…Talking to the player’s alliance and black players around the league, they just came to the consensus that they could use their platform more by playing today, playing both games. 

The Player’s Alliance has some other plans to donate salaries across Major League Baseball this week, so that could be what Betts was referring to. The Dodgers went on to win both games of the doubleheader with Mookie starting both. Betts also collected his 1000th career hit in the first game on Thursday. 

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  1. Mookie is in the grand tradition of Jackie, Roy, Don, Maury, Junior, and Tommy Davis–all champions–all real men, and all Dodgers! We Dodger fans are so lucky.

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