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Dodgers: With Joc Pederson Salary Arbitration Looming, Angels Trade Also on Hold

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

While the baseball world is on hold waiting for the announcement of the Boston/Los Angeles blockbuster swap bringing Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers, another trade has seen its own holding pattern.

Now it seems that there’s a snag in the other transaction Andrew Friedman is working on with the Angels. In case you missed it, a trade between the Dodgers and Angels is in the works that would include Ross Stripling and Joc Pederson heading to Orange County for prospects.

Now an added twist to the hold up could be Pederson’s pending arbitration hearing, at least in terms of the Dodgers/Angels deal. Ken Rosenthal added fuel to that fire.

Rosenthal expanded on that thought.

It’s unclear why Pederson’s hearing would cause a delay. Perhaps the Dodgers simply needed to get through it before trading him. Another possibility is that the Angels want to know his salary before finalizing terms with the Dodgers.

After the Dodgers agreed to an extension with Max Muncy earlier on Thursday, the stage is set for an awkward hearing between Pederson and LA representatives. Rumors of a third party unbiased lawyer to help smooth out the process between the two parties.

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Once a 2020 contract can be agreed upon, then perhaps the deal with the Angels can continue, even before the Betts/Price trade moves forward. Earlier reports had the Pederson deal contingent on the completion of the Betts trade. On Thursday evening, USA Today scribe Bob Nightengale confirmed as much.

The results of the Pederson case is expected to be resolved by Friday. The hold up, however, in the Betts deal seems to be getting a little weirder by the hour.

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  1. Take Pederson and Stripling back, and return the bottom of the barrel nobodies from the Angels. Restructure some contracts to get below the luxury tax. Get creative instead of just giving quality players away. See if anyone else wants Pederson as a guy who hit more home runs than anyone on their team last year.

  2. This was the worse part of the betts deal
    We should have petaled these 2 for a strong bull pen arm since meada is going.

  3. What can the dodgers do with Pederson who they already was swapping from position to position to DH, Mookie is going to L.A. figure out who you want more. Mookie Or Joc. 250 BA. Or 300+ with 30 Range HRs per year and consistently a top 5 WAR or Mediocre Joc. Joc can’t even hit Lefties this is why Fans can’t do deals they can’t comprehend the moving parts. Prospects are always extremely Valubale. Out with the old in with the New it’s the Name of every game in every sport

  4. Sorry guys, but Andrew Friedman’s modus operandi is to always follow one good trade by making a bad one.

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