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Dodgers Motivated By the Chance to Celebrate a World Series Win the Right Way

With just ten days between us and the opening day of another baseball season, the excitement at Dodgers camp is palpable. This team is full of fresh faces, but there are plenty of familiar ones who have one goal in mind: win it all again.

While the Dodgers are heading into 2021 as the reigning champs, there is plenty of motivation for the team to win it again this year. One of the biggest motivators? Getting to celebrate ‘the right way’.

In an interview with Dodgers insider David Vassegh, Chris Taylor opened up about why the team is playing with so much focus during this year’s spring training.

Yeah, I think [staying hungry is] a focal point for us, we want to keep that chip on our shoulder. This is a new team, too. And I think in a lot of ways we feel like we never really got to celebrate properly after last year with all the COVID regulations and everything that went down… So I think everyone’s still hungry. There’s a lot of excitement in camp, and we understand that we have a good team and we don’t want to waste it.

In many ways, the World Series win in 2020 felt like a dream. Part of it was due to how long it had been since a Dodgers title, but it was also because the team and its fans were never able to truly celebrate. There was no parade. No streets in downtown LA dotted up and down by raucous fans.

The city of Los Angeles would love nothing more than to celebrate a World Series title along with their team, and it seems like the Dodgers feel the same way. If Chris Taylor and the rest of the team can find a way to repeat in 2021, they will be the first team to do so since the 2000 Yankees, who did it three years in a row.

The 1988 drought may have ended, but LA is entering the new year as if last season never happened. This year should be a fun one, Dodgers fans.

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  1. I don’t like mentioning this, but without the DH, the Dodger offense won’t be as formidable and that could hinder their chances to repeat, especially if the team continues to be vulnerable to good LHP.

  2. nothing to worry about. the other teams offense will suffer also. and we have some good hitting pitchers!

    1. No pitchers can and will be expected to do much at all after not batting for over a year. Ask Roberts and he will tell ya he still holds out hope for a last minute change because his pitchers and most others around the NL don’t look forward to batting, as their real job is pitching.

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