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Dodgers: Multiple Prospects at Risk of Selection in Rule 5 Draft

The Dodgers are filled with world-class talent from the top to the bottom of the organization. They are consistently ranked amongst the league’s elite in terms of prospect capital and have a fantastic major league roster as currently constructed.

With the Rule 5 Draft coming up in mid-December, the Dodgers will have to turn in a list of their players they will protect on the 40-man roster by November 20. The Dodgers have a total of 17 players who could potentially be exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. The names also have their organizational top-50 prospect rank courtesy of Prospects 1500.

Here is the full list of players:

  • C Jair Camargo (NR)
  • 1B/3B Cristian Santana (#20)
  • 1B/OF Nick Yarnall (NR)
  • 2B Zach McKinstry (NR)
  • 2B/SS Errol Robinson (#31)
  • OF DJ Peters (#9)
  • OF Carlos Rincon (#26)
  • OF Starling Heredia (#28)
  • OF Cody Thomas (#36)
  • OF Brayan Morales (#49)
  • UT Jake Peter (NR)
  • UT Leonel Valera (NR)
  • RHP Mitchell White (#6)
  • RHP Jordan Sheffield (#27)
  • RHP Nolan Long (#44)
  • RHP Parker Curry (NR)
  • RHP Shea Spitzbarth (NR)


There are only a handful of players that appear to be virtual locks to get protected and placed on the 40-man roster. Those names include outfielder DJ Peters, right-handed pitcher Mitchell White, and right-handed reliever Jordan Sheffield. Peters has tremendous upside and has been seen with the Dodgers throughout the last couple Spring Trainings. White has been up and down in terms of production, but still remains rather intriguing. Sheffield also has tremendous upside and could very easily become a force in the Dodgers bullpen in the coming years.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Basically the team knows, as other teams know, that ya cannot keep them all. and perhaps a good number of those players above may never be good enough to reach MLB in the first place.

  2. The sleeper of this group is Zach McKinstry. There is no doubt that a rebuilding team like the Royals, Orioles, Tigers, or Marlins will take him as a utility player for 2020. Look for Dodgers to use some of these players in trades before the Rule 5 draft.

  3. If possible use some in trade packages get something for them before they are just plucked the Dodgers will only be able to keep a handful.

  4. Ima lifer Dodger–im 70 yrs old–I like this kid–Daniel the writer here–He has a fine future–That said D J Peters needs a big shot in 2020–And so does Edwin Rios–both are stars in the making–Both are great defensive players abd are 300 avg 35 HRs 100 RBI type players–Both should be in the majors full time in 2020

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