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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Places In NL Manager of the Year Voting

Obviously, you heard that St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt won National League Manager of the Year for 2019 on Tuesday. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers newsworthy item comes to us from Bill Plunkett of the OC Register.

Indeed, the Dodgers’ very own Dave Roberts placed fourth in the vote. This is according to a tweet from Plunkett.

Equally important, Roberts tallied four first-place votes, one second-place vote, and two third-place votes. Therefore, some people whose voice matters on the subject felt like Roberts did a decent job in 2019.

Of course this is relevant and newsworthy, especially given some current dialogue ongoing this off-season regarding the Dodgers’ skipper. For instance, Jerry Hairston Jr. recently spoke about how he goes about evaluating Roberts as the manager; while including his usage of analytic data.

Certainly, it’s a tough job being a manager in the big leagues. Undeniably, some people will read this headline and laugh to themselves. Meanwhile, there will be others who feel that Roberts’ placing in this vote was fair and just. All the while, neither are wrong.

On one hand, Roberts and the Dodgers won more games than any team in the history of the franchise in 2019. No one can ever take that away from them. Still, it’s hard to wash out the taste of that NLDS defeat at home to the Washington Nationals.

Notably, the conclusion of that series had Roberts drawing the attention of national media pundits who took him to task for his in-game decisions. Then, Ken Rosenthal openly speculated that Roberts could have lost the respect of the players in his own clubhouse. Finally, the way the season ended had Roberts standing at the podium explaining where it all went wrong.

While thinking of a manager who wins this award or comes close as Roberts did, these are not the things that typically come to mind. With that being said, it comes with the territory of managing one of the best teams in baseball perenially. Obviously, the bar has been raised in Los Angeles.

Indeed, what is considered a great year for a Mike Shildt is not necessarily one for one Dave Roberts.

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  1. I want our guys black balled from individual awards until they bring home a championship

  2. Clint and Manny, this IS kind of funny because in the opinion of most, Roberts did not deserve even that 4th place finish. I realize playoffs are not figured in this voting as far as I know but in this case it should because Roberts was HUGE reason among others as to why Dodgers went home early in October. Yes, Dodgers won 106 games but alot of times that was in spite pf Robert’s in game and lineup decisions and the opposing team s were not as talented for the most part as those seen in October.

  3. Dave Roberts is no doubt a sorry manager period for the LA Dodgers and the sad thing about this. The team does not deserve this and especially the Fans.

  4. Dodgers should have won 120 games easy if Roberts wasn’t manager. Blows my mind dude received 4 first place votes. FIRE DAVE ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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