Dodgers: MVP Cody Bellinger Chimes in on Issues with Batter’s Eye at Stadium

With Dodgers intrasquad games starting to hit TV sets, one thing is becoming more apparent… players are not huge fans of the new batter’s eye at Dodger Stadium. While pitchers are reported to be fans, the new backdrop is becoming a source of some frustration for hitters.

Moreover, 2019 NL MVP Cody Bellinger shared some thoughts on the new structure and optics.

[The batter’s eye] is a little low. And the seats weren’t blocked off, so if there were fans there, the pitcher’s arm could potentially come out of those stands… but those are very minor adjustments I feel like.

Importantly, the club has already lost Max Muncy over the last few days after he was hit by a pitch in Sunday’s intrasquad action. Muncy mentioned that he too had a hard time picking up the ball.

On Wednesday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts mentioned that the organization is working to rectify the issue and on Thursday, Bellinger echoed that sentiment.

It’s already something we brought to the attention of the [organization] and they’re already working on adjustments to potentially make it better. We all voiced our opinion on it — what would be better, what would be worse and I think they’re already making changes.

With opening night about 13 days away, the club has plenty of time to implement at least a temporary fix for the first homestand of the short season. San Francisco comes to LA for a 4 game series starting Thursday, July 23. After that, the Dodgers head out on the road for 9 games before returning to Dodger Stadium on Friday, August 7. 

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I keep on reading articles on the new “batter’s eye”. Does anyone have a picture, so we get an idea of what the players are seeing and talking about.

  2. I went online & asked about the Dodger stadium “batters eye”. They showed a picture from behind home plate. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

    1. I thinks it’s where the seats have been replaced at the lower corner. They’ve painted them black but when fans in white shirts sit there, it will be an issue.

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