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Dodgers: Ned Colletti Announces His Retirement From Baseball

The Dodgers have a long history of taking care of those that helped get their team where it is today. We see that often with players who come back as television and radio analysts over the years. We also see it with players getting front office roles or advising positions. 

That also includes former executives like Ned Colletti. Ned ran the team as the general manager from late 2005 to late 2014. He was the architect of the massive trade with the Red Sox that brought Adrian Gonzalez and more out to the Dodgers. And that wasn’t even his biggest move. 

But today, Ned announced that he will be retiring from the sport of baseball. Currently serving with the Dodgers as a SportsNetLA analyst, Ned will shift his attention to the San Jose Sharks again as a scout. And what a wonderful career it has been for Ned in Los Angeles. 

Ned was also the guy that traded Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez for Andre Ethier. You don’t have to be a Dodgers fan to know how great that deal ended up being. Ned was also responsible for the trade that landed Manny Ramirez in Los Angeles, which was electric for the fanbase. 

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You can also include drafting Clayton Kershaw into his wall of victories as a general manager. But the unwillingness to trade him when other teams were very much after him might go down as his single greatest call. You’ll be missed around Los Angeles Ned, and we’re all very thankful for setting this team up for success with the new ownership group. 

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  1. Good, be gone with you! This article, FAILS, to report all the EX-Gnats N.C. brought to the Dodgers, Bomko, Schmidt, Wilson. A washed-up player by the name of Andru Jones. And as previously noted by me, I will never forget Ned Confetti wearing a Gnats ring during Dodgers Fan Fest!!

    1. sour grapes buddy….Ned was a dedicated Dodger and a huge upgrade over Paul “computer boy” DePosesta. Nothing wrong with the job he did. Not every GM is perfect, but he was pretty good and I will miss him on the Dodger network. Thanks Ned!!!!

  2. Ned was a great judge of talent, and a breathe of fresh air when he came to L.A.. The team started winning when he showed up because he found gems like Urias , made the ethier gonsales trades etc. he was a HUGE part of this team becoming prominent once again. He sees the writing on the wall with what’s coming with this team and them resigning Dr Dave i’m sure helped hisn decision. thank you Ned for the great years of service..

  3. Not a huge Colletti fan. Mainly because of the Schmidt signing. Signing a pitcher that he knew was damaged goods was galactically stupid. Andruw Jones, Brett Tomko, and a string of bad signings. The AGon trade was a massive over pay and ill conceived. I do however give him somewhat of a break as he had to operate under the McCourt ownership. Forced him to dumpster dive for talent while they fleeced the Dodger organization for their personal lifestyle. Ned was not a real bad GM, but, he was far from a great GM.

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