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Dodgers: Ned Colletti Reveals a David Price Trade Discussed With Andrew Friedman Years Ago

I would still contend that the Dodgers getting David Price back in their rotation is one of their best offseason moves. Price being added into the Mookie Betts deal as a way to relieve salary also seems like it’s going to be a very underrated part of that trade. 

With Price back in the mix, the Dodgers project as one of the better starting rotations in all of baseball. But as it turns out, Price to the Los Angeles almost happened way before that February 2020 trade.

Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti spoke with David Price on Sports Net LA on Wednesday. In that conversation, Ned asked David if he would take this trade that former Rays’ GM asked for back in 2014. The trade offer was pretty ridiculous. 

You’re gonna play general manager here for a second David. He wanted Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, and Urias for a young David Price. I couldn’t do it. I love those guys, I love you and I cant wait to see you pitch but you almost got here 7 years ago, we were almost buddies 7 years ago.  

If you’re wondering, those 3 guys ranked out as the Dodgers’ top 3 prospects back in 2014. Pederson made his debut that season and Corey Seager would debut the year after that. Price was still at the peak of his game back then, and the Rays ended up landing a few Major League ready players from the Tigers and Mariners. 

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Now 7 years later, Andrew Friedman is working as the Dodgers GM and acquired Price in a deal mostly as an afterthought. But getting DP back into the mix after a year off of pitching could prove to be huge for LA. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. 

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  1. Now if only Friedman can find a fool that will take price off his hands along with his 2 year contract. Maybe Ángels they need pitching.

    1. Since Boston is paying half his salary the Dodgers are only paying 15 mil per for him. A Pretty solid value really

  2. It’s not that ridiculous. Price was legitimately a top 5 starter in MLB and the best LHP not named Clayton “GOAT” Kershaw (remember this was back in 2014). Plus, he had a year and a half left and was making arbitration money. The Rays asked for 3 Top 20 prospects. From a baseball economics standpoint for an ace starter, it’s a fair place to start. Do I think that Friedman thinks he would’ve gotten all 3 players? No, but if the trade would’ve happened, he definitely would have gotten for sure 1 if not 2.
    That said, I’m never in favor of trading away top prospects, let alone multiple ones, let alone a generational star in Seager and I definitely wouldn’t have pulled the trigger in that scenario. Plus, you could make the argument that Price ONLY had a year and a half, and that he had eaten way too many innings at that point in his career. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 but the non-trade turned out to be the best. All three of our guys are/were amazing in Dodger blue, and Price gets to join in the fun this season. Go Dodgers!
    (P.S. relive the Dodgers championship season in this short vid. Support! )

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